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    Ares Tar 21,We M9, King Arms 24" free float sniper rifle, CYMA M14 SOCOM
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    Multicam, 5.11 tactical VTAC vest (flat dark earth) 5.11 pouches, desert boots
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  1. Feel free to use my pics if you ever need them in a vid.
  2. Flash: Got the helmet from Bullseye country sports for £50 Ckinnerly: I was playing at AWA Herts Craig: I pay for all my equipment minus the guns as that would be illegal. My dad plays also so he has UKARA luckily for me. Currently got a new light weight belt rig set up for the ebr as no point using a full vest as i learned from using the ebr all day!
  3. New and recently upgraded G&G M14 Ebr-l. Shooting 390fps now locked to semi. All i need now is a harris bipod.
  4. Recent pics of me and my new G&G M14 ebr-l. This was the first time i used it as well as all my new tan gear. Now have a seperate belt rig for a lighter marksman loadout. Use the Warrior Ricas compact for my m4 now.
  5. Also a tar bolt release............
  6. When me and a marshal were chatting during a game we saw some kid running for his life and screaming at the top of his lungs then diving into a ditch as he had been hit... EPIC WIN! XD
  7. Yeah Im pretty sure 30rps for a min = 1800 rounds that will probably make the gun explode :0
  8. Oh right I would spend most money on upgrades as theres not much you can do with attatchments apart from a scope really. Make it Lipo ready and spew out 30rps with a 2500 round box mag
  9. Haha Alex i know who your talking about its a bit of a shame as A&K M249's are becoming more rare in RIF form is he repairing it?
  10. Aron


    I have used them for all my molle stuff great customer service.
  11. Yea but being on a UK forum I think its a bit olbvious im not American just because I wear their camo :/
  12. I never get insulted at the site I play at. Everyone has their own different camo that they think looks good. I think multicam looks good just like other people like DPM. Its because they think it looks good in THEIR opinion.
  13. Rules of engagement. I had to go all the way to Essex and back took like 6 hours but there were loads of guns in the shop to hold so it was cool.
  14. Im afraid not, i went to the shop today and they said that it was not that bad (but when I was shooting it with the tech the shots were basicaly falling out of the barrel!) He is going to take a look at it so the TAR it is
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