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  1. For my first gun I am going down the gas route, I came over from paintball so know how fickle the gas guys are. After playing with a rental aegis, I can't face the noise. Good points you have made for not using a gas gun as first gun though.
  2. Coming from paintball scene, most goggles mist or fog up. Look for ones with a thermal lens they tend to fog up less quickly than other lens. I have used a motorcycle visor demisting solution on most of the goggles i have used, with the exception of gloop all seem to work ok. I have used JT, Scott, Empire goggles. not having used fan assisted goggle i can comment on them.
  3. Nothing very flash, just a viper speed loader, eye protection and face guard.
  4. There is a group of us starting to use your this site quite a bit, let me know if you want to tag along the more the merrier.
  5. Played twice at holmbush recently. Once was part of the big game with a mix of site guns and own guns, the second to time it was just our own guys. the site is nicely laid out and very friendly staff, saying that the players were very helpful. I would recommend this site to anyone.
  6. For me it has to be tiger stripe, i liked it when i saw it back on the paintball tournament field in the 90's. Either that or go black, bit boring but it can be effective. if you are daring have a look at rhodesian, bit different but i know it used to work quite well
  7. I did rememebr one guy who went paintballing in a white coveralls, his explanation was they can see you when they start so why hide. I do like on the odd occassion to be a sneaky sod, so I like a bit of camouflage or black flight suit.
  8. I know when I last played what I would call a woodland tournament (paintball) tigerstripe and Rhodesian stripe were all the rage as they worked quite well and looked quite good. Does everyone go for the more traditional british army DPM, or is there something better out there to wear.
  9. I do like them. I was offered an M4 CQB at a great price, only issue is most of the sites near where i live are all outdoor sites. so looknig at them gives me another idea.
  10. I agree with the noise of a GBB firing, that is what has drawn me to it as well as the recoil. I am not a spray and pray type of person, i miss the pump days of paintballing. It was quality of the shooter not the amount shot that always won.
  11. any downsides to a GBB, looking to run it on HPA to avoid the dreaded gun freeze. Also i still have a few hpa tanks from my paintball set up. on the mask front, I have seen some mesh masks. Does anyone recommend these? I currently have an old scott paintball mask but think it needs replacing.
  12. what is that site like, as I only heard of holmbush doing airsoft days. Eltie is a lot closer to me.
  13. thanks for all the advice, it all helps.
  14. As for the regular site to play on, no idea yet. This all depends on what is close to me, most of the dual purpose sites are woodland one. Dual purpose as in paintball and airsoft. I know it does matter what weight bb are used in a gun, they all come out the same velocity.
  15. I am just used to regardless, no shooting under a certain distance, thanks for that one.
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