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    Selling my Armasight Prime DC 4x monocular Info at: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/983219-REG/armasight_dkmprimdc040001_prime_dc_4x42_digital.html - sells for $230 in the US. It's a Gen 1 digital monocular with built in IR torch. For Gen 1, It's surprisingly good for recce and OP work and you're not going to get better for the £100 I'm asking for it. I've used it for milsims and wildlife watching. Powered by a single CR123A, this last for ages, even if you're using the IR illumination. The objective is totally free of dirt and has no scratches. If you're wanting to take the first steps into night vision and don't want to spend a fortune, this will do the job nicely. It's basic but so long as you don't have PVS14 expectations, you won't be disappointed. I've added photos of a nalgene in almost pitch darkness - the first with the IR on and second without - to give you an idea of what you get with it.


    Kingston upon Thames, London - GB

  2. I've always used them for when I needed something TODAY and couldn't wait. Prices aren't always as competitive as elsewhere but when you need something, they're accessible from Central London which isn't something you can say about everywhere. Friendly staff as well means that I don't begrudge spending money there from time to time.
  3. Just don't use one with a Sig pistol - the holster pushes the mag release with expensive consequences. If you've got a glock, go for a knock-off safariland.
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    It's time to find a new home for my trusty Classic Army M4. This was originally a full-metal M16 A4 but Dave's Custom Airsoft turned it into a mean, modern carbine around 2 years ago. I gave Dave carte blanche for the upgrade and spent a few hundred on it - lovely 6.03mm tightbore barrel, new motor and gear box, new hop, stock tube etc, and an MLOC rail system. It's rear wided for mini-Tamiya in the stock tube. Custom SF-style krylon paint job. Selling with a bunch of mags - 4 fancy brand new fancy tan mid-caps, a G&P Tracer Mid-Cap, two high-caps and a couple of other full metal mid-caps. It doesn't get any use now (I've gone E&L AK and a TM-recoil based L119A2) and I need the space, so selling for a bargain price - £100 plus shipping. It's in London, SW4 and I'd prefer collection over postage.


    London, London - GB

  5. Fab little company, have had a few of their pouches and would buy again in a heart beat. Dave has always been great to deal with and seems happy to help with questions and queries.
  6. My WE P228 is pretty lovely. Lots of metal, nice action and reliable after a year's use.
  7. I've used pick and pluck with multiple Peli cases carrying tens of thousands of pounds' worth of photographic kit without any dramas. They're not as neat looking as lazer/heat cut foam but it's much more affordable and you can reconfig a little as and when kit changes.
  8. If in doubt, give Dave a ring. I've had a few bits and pieces from him, including a complete rebuild which was basically a custom job from my old M16 - good chap, loads of choice an decent comms. He's a bit of a one man band but if you're in a hurry, give him a call and he'll no doubt sort you out (in a good way, not in a 'the customer fell down the stairs' sort of way).
  9. Glad you're having fun with it - be wary of full auto, they have a reputation for shearing gear boxes... I only ever use it to clear the semi-auto mis-feeds.
  10. I've had one for years - it's fine, runs pretty warm (340-350fps) but not hot. Accuracy is good. There's the odd mis-fire on full auto but with the rumours of self-stripping gear boxes on full auto, I've stuck with semi for virtually all the time without issue. Build quality is good, not a wobble to it and plenty of metal so it feels about right. Recommended. Obviously no rails and the scope mount is 20mm (IIRC) rather than a standard mil rail so if you're going for a custom scope, you'll need to consider that,
  11. Sound spot on. Sign me up. Any idea of possible game dates?
  12. I'm just getting back into airsoft after around 6-7 years out - Town Assault in 2008 was my last big game and I was last seen at Longmoor in 2009... Anyway, having excavated old kit and abandoned most of it, this week has seen orders for: -Ops Core bump helmet -WE P228 GBB and spare mag -Full upgrade on my M16, internals and externals (thanks to Dave's custom airsoft), it's arriving in the next couple of days -7.4v LiPo batteries and charger
  13. Cheers Dave, sorry for the tardy response. I'll start with some maintenance gas and lube and see where I get to.
  14. I've just picked up my 12 year old Umarex P99 (fixed slide) gas pistol for the first time in a long time and have found (perhaps not unreasonably) that one of the magazines is very leaky and the other is losing pressure more gradually. Unfortunately, I can't find them for sale any more so I'm hoping to fix it rather than replace the pistol - any suggestions beyond replacing and greasing all of the seals?
  15. I used to play a lot around 10 years ago but haven't been in a UK game since around 2009... Having just spent some time in the US, I'm back in the airsoft spirit and looking forward to some good milsim in 2017!

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