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    L119A2 (TM Recoil base)
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    Usually found at Stirling and Legion milsim events as well as occasional skirmish or private event.
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  1. I just tend not to carry stuff I don't need or won't use! I wasn't taking a pop at you, it was a more general point. I see loads of airsoft med kits being shown off with decompression needles, airways etc and just wonder if they actually know how to use them, and if they also have any actually useful stuff with them as well. Any-hoo. The most blood I've seen at an airsoft game was when Player A was searching Player B and found a proper fighting knife. Player B said "careful, it's sharp". Player A then ran their thumb along the razoer sharp blade... cut blood. Any d
  2. To add to what everyone else has said, spend money on training rather than on kit. I'm a wilderness first responder (in date until Feb 2021) and have held various quals since 2001. With the right skills, you really don't need much kit. For anything remotely serious, your job, 99% of the time, is to stop it getting worse, to control the scene and to help get an ambulance here ASAP. I've been unlucky enough to be on scene for a bunch of incidents over the years and have only ever used gloves and Israeli dressings in anger. My car kit is based around this experience, it's gloves, tape
  3. @Skara thanks! I’ll have a watch of that video and see what I can figure out s @Lozart With the original spring back in it runs fine so hopefully I haven’t knocked anything around... I’ll maybe have to send it to a Tech for some TLC and make sure all is well. I’d like to push it a big and eventually I’ll chop it down to a shorter length so I’ll need to go away at some point.
  4. I'm more used to working with GBBRs but I recently tried to swap out the spring on my Cybergun/VFC Sig MCX, going from a M90 to M110. The spring I tried to use was https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/SHSSpring The gun has a quick change function so the swap was really easy. But, once installed, the motor immediately ground to a halt so I presume it didn't have the power to work against the more powerful spring. I can run this gun at up to 370fps on .20s at some events and it's currently a solid 320 so it could be good to get a bit of an easy boost. I wondered if
  5. My MWS adventures have continued - I'm still loving it. The latest excitement has been learning to strip the upper right down and access the hop unit in order to swap out the the hub nub to the SixG brass nub. I should say that fitting a new rail and pistol grip is as far as my tech skills have previously evolved , so I was a bit worried about screwing up. But, thanks to the superbly instructive videos from Eagle 6, it was actually pretty straightforward. My M4 wrench doesn't fit the TM barrel nut especially well so my main lesson is to get the proper tool but other than that,

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    I'm trying to track down a Sig/VFC MCX - willing to pay top dollar. If you have one and it's not getting much game time and fancy the cash for something new and cool, get in touch. Cheers, Andrew


    SW London - GB

  7. I started out in 2007 or so, playing at sites like Airsoft Scotland and Phoenix in Sheffield, as well as the massive milsim games run as Town Assault at Copehill and Caerwent. I had a classic army G3, a CA M4A1, a TM MP5 and an Army L85A1 which was the first of the Chinese guns to really hit the UK market. It was certainly a less kit-heavy time. Lots more issue kit - DPM all the way - and virtually no lasers or fancy optics because knock-offs hadn't really arrived.
  8. I wondered if anyone else had problems with the combination of the AG Super Recoil Buffer and the High Speed Bolt Carrier? When I use both together, the bolt doesn't hold back because the bolt can't move far enough towards the rear. The normal bolt carrier is fine with the super recoil buffer but when I swap out to the high speed bolt carrier, it only locks back if I use the original plastic buffer. At the moment, I've two set-ups - lots of recoil but lower FPS for CQB, or low recoil and higher FPS.
  9. This is a really interesting view. I’m increasingly interested in event design. I’ve mulled over the relative benefits of playing against a semi-controlled or totally controlled OPFOR. I’m a big fan of semi-managed games, rather than having a free for all- that’s when it goes to brown stuff!
  10. I'm a big fan of milsim events because when done right, you get all of the best bits of airsoft and it feels like you're the hero in your own action movie. But, when it doesn't work, it's a bit rubbish. I've had two rubbish experiences in around 15 years of playing airsoft on and off and both were down to people being rubbish and not taking it seriously enough. I play around 4-6 big games a year with a only a few days spent at skirmishes so almost all of my airsoft is at milsim events. As for it being too serious... Yes, some people do take things a bit too seriously and get
  11. I've been really impressed with my E&L. Performance is great, I've been able to add a handguard and top rail without too much drama and it...works. It's a bit fussy on mags but I stick to E&L mags now and it's a great gun. Range and accuracy are really good - I'd get another one.
  12. I've had a search but haven't seen an answer to this issue: My fire selector get stuck between auto and semi and won't turn back to semi, let alone to safe, even when cocked. So far, when this has happened I've half removed the fire selector and have moved it around before re-engaging it at safe (when cocked). Has anyone else had any issues with their fire selector getting stuck? My MWS is all stock I haven't done anything with it (disassembly etc) so it's a bit perplexing!
  13. Lockdown is going to bankrupt me. I've had a bit of spare cash knocking around and decided to splash out...recent purchases have all been on the kit front rather than guns. -a second TCA 152 -Invisio V50 dual comms kit with X5 headset -two crye MBITR pouches for my AVS -new Salomon boots -Storm grip for my work-in-progress MWS-based L119A1 -Unobtanium NVG camera -Reptilia windproof trousers (not for airsoft use) I'm going to shut down my paypal account...
  14. ^This is where I'm at as well. My MWS days are few and it's only done one day's action but I was impressed with how the gas handled.
  15. If you're after general milsim advice, I've got a few articles here: http://airsoftj2.co.uk/ I'm also writing some other articles ahead of Stirling's Sennybridge game next weekend so keep an eye out for them. Main tips from me: (1) Don't forget to have fun; (2) remember warm kit; (3) make sure you take and drink enough water; (4) get all your kit ready at home so you can rock up and get going and, (5) along the same lines: if/when you get chance to chill out between taskings, do your most important admin first: reload mags, restock on pyro etc and keep any kit you
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