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    L119A2 (Hao/MWS)
    L119A2 (TM-R)
    Sig MCX Rattler
    L119A1 (MWS)
    LCT AK-104
    VFC G19
    TM G17
    WE P228
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    UKSF inspired multicam
    Low profile, green and black kits.
    Modern Russian SF and Wagner OPFOR
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    Usually found at Stirling, Defiant & Legion milsim events as well as occasional skirmishes and private events.
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    The Big Smoke

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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 8 hours

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    This is the remains for the donor MWS M4 from a project. Suppressor is Bruno’s 3D printer recessed model. Parts are as seen but if you’re looking for a new upper or lower, you’re in the right place. You won’t need much to turn this into a new gun: hop assembly, barrel, trigger ground bolt and buffer/spring and you’re away. All parts are as-new, this came out of the box and onto the work bench to be stripped. Looking for £250 for the lot. Keen to swell as a job lot but I might be willing to split for the right price. New uppers, if you can find them are £150, lowers £110.


    - GB

  2. Thanks! The optics themselves are actually replicas- the mounts are real though!
  3. There were a few requests for pics of the Hao L119A2 MWS kit. I’m getting ahead of myself because my AFG still isn’t arrived but this is the gun as it stands. My garden is too short to do anything other than basic checks but everything seems to work. With the stock bolt it’s at 0.9J (310fps on 0.2s). The Laylax strike arm seems as good as the nub was on my other MWS but hard to tell at this stage. External Parts Hao L119A2 kit for MWS Tokyo Marui M4A1 donor gun Magpul MOE Grip Magpul CTR stock Magpul ¼’” Riser Magpul AFG 2 (not pictured) Magpul MOE trigger guard Magpul ASAP plate Magpul RSA (not pictured) Aimpoint T2* Aimpoint Micro 39mm riser Aimpoint Micro LRP mount Aimpoint 3x Magnifier* Aimpoint Magnifier Twist Mount and spacer PEQ-15* WMLx Internals: Angry Gun NPAS bolt Angry Gun High Speed Buffer Angry Gun High Speed Bolt Carrier Laylax Strike Hop Arm Laylax 6.03mm inner barrel
  4. I spent the weekend building but here are some of the pics. The engineering is amazing. Every time you wonder what goes on next or how, there’s a really clever trick they’ve used to make it all work. Apart from the heat shield which is just a pain. I need another few bits to be delivered before I finish (sling plate, pistol grip) but it’s nearly there. Hao have just this morning sent out replacement buffer tube end caps to improve performance but have also thrown in their bolt stop plate which is apparently lighter but tougher. Fully build pics on Instagram at AirsoftJ2. My big error was to follow a random tutorial video rather than Eagle 6. As a result, I attempted to remove the trigger assembly by hammering on the trigger. This is a very bad idea. Do not do this. Your trigger will snap and JB Weld looks shit. Use a small punch places behind the trigger to hammer down onto the assembly frame. Anyone got new triggers…
  5. Spot on. I’ve just done the maths… looks like I need a new MWS…
  6. My Hao L119A2 kit arrived today. Amazing quality, zero instructions! No idea where some of the smaller bits go but hopefully it’ll make sense once I start. The big question is whether I use my existing internals or whether I buy new bits.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For Sale: E&L AL-702 Custom AEG -CYMA railed top cover -Aim-O 1-4x scope -Giselle style mount -Suppressor (ready for a tracer unit) -M4 stock tube and CTR stock -Two midcaps and a high cap Loads of quality and very realistic weapon. Runs perfectly at 330 FPS with 7.4lipo (not included). Selling to fund another gas gun- I just don’t use it enough. Love it for playing OpFor though. Really accurate and loads of range- great performance and feels the business. Nearly £500 worth of AEG, optics and parts here, selling for £265, collection from KT2. VCRA defence required. Cash rather than swaps.


  8. Someone recently suggested that I was filling my MWS gas mags incorrectly and that may well have a point. I've tended to invert the mag, shake the bottle and then fill until there's some overspill. The advice I was given was to pulse gas in 1-2 second bursts, with 5 second gaps between bursts until there's overspill. From a quick experiment in the garden, this seems to work better and I'm getting less over gassing. What do you think? (I've not posted this in the MWS monster thread on purpose but can link to this is there's any discussion).
  9. My pleasure. At the risk of blowing my own trumpted (ooo matron), check out airsoftj2.co.uk for some more ideas. One other thing to think about - at night, the only BBs you'll see are tracers (noting that visibility works boths ways - your targets will see exectly where shots are coming from). This means that, if you're not using tracers and are depending on a PEQ laser or a red dot, make sure that everthing is properly zero'ed. Enjoy the games when they come.
  10. Good question! What I did in your situation was to get a decent white light and an FMA PEQ. If you're feeling spendy, do as @DrAlexanderTobaccosays and go thermal for spotting bad guys. You'll see them much better with this than with NVDs - they're magic. Having said that, I do a lot of weekend events and have got Gen 2+ NVDs which are awesome up and until things get very shooty, at which point it's white light and lasers everywhere. Sneaky first shots under IR lasers and stuff is great but as soon as it gets scrappy, white lights go on and NVDs go off. Very few people will actually use IR illumination because it's visible for any other NVD users. I'd be more focussed about basic fieldcraft skills and your ability to navigate and move quietly to where you need to be and to keep your heads down when you're there at night. For a first 24hr game, I'd proritise getting admin kit sorted properly and then working on skills like navigation, movement, patrolling, hand signals and comms - these will make you and your team much more deadly than IRR treated smocks. I've done a few blog articles at airsoftj2.co.uk if you're interested - lots of info and advice there.
  11. I'd be cautious about the Warrior Universal and a Sig - the holster pushes on the mag release and you will lose any mags in the gun while holstered. I'd go for a Serpa or Safariland style holster, either on a belt or on a medium drop and with a leg strap.
  12. Ummmm Got a discount at W762 so a new plate carrier and chest rig...and a new helmet and some pouches to finish off my CTSFO loadout. Bugger. I was supposed to have stopping buying new stuff! J2 fail. Really should have seen that coming.
  13. Not many of them about! I had some of their stuff years ago and regretted selling it. Now that Arktis' quality control seems to have fallen off a cliff, good too see someone in Europe making quality kit with a few different design and camouflage ideas.
  14. Forgive me Father, for I have spent. Today I odered a set of Leo Kohler Multicam Tropic Combat Trs and Shirt - it's an unknown brand in the UK but much beloved in Germany and Scandi SF. I don't have any tropic kit so thought I'd give this lot a go. There was also a fancy mesh modification kit for the issue camp kit - better ventilation for those sweaty night - so much better than the floor. I also bought a new 4L water bladder and folding mat sleeping mat for when I can't use the camp cot. Less recently ordered but still en route is a set of Platatac Junglies, an S&S Precision Admin pouch and Sig Rattler handguard and barrel kit with folding Kate Moss stock. This lot comes hot on the heels of a bunch of parts for my MWS. I need to lock myself out of my paypal account...
  15. Goodness. That's a name I hadn't heard for a long time. Eugh. Not the worse CQB venue I've played in, though.
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