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  1. Super, thanks guys. Will give it a go.
  2. I'm exploring the work required to install a mosfet into a G&G Blowback GR16 CQW Wasp. I have previously installed a GATE Pico AAB mosfet into my G&P M14 mostly as it was firing 2-3 shots on semi (overspin). On the M14 it was a dream to install as the trigger contacts are outside of the gearbox so I didn't have to dig too deep. However from what I understand, with the Type 2 gearboxes I have to dismantle it completely? While I have the gearbox apart, is there anything else I should be changing while I'm in there? Its a new gun so there won't be anything worn but if there are some simple upgrades I could do, I may aswell get them done at the same time. The gun runs on 2s lipo and I'm not aiming for any higher than 350fps. What mosfet would you suggest for this gun, another pico?
  3. I wear glasses so have also been looking for goggles which will be safe. I have bought a pair of Goliath OTG Goggles from specs4sports.co.uk These are designed for motorcycle use and seal well around the edges as well as being made from shatterproof polycarbonate. I used a little anti-fog on the inside (as well as on my glasses) and have had no issues at all. http://www.specs4sports.co.uk/goliath-otg-over-glasses-goggles-clear-lens-433-p.asp
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