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  1. Finally bought something other than consumables. JG BAR 10 +3 extra mags Dual pistol pouch for said magazines Scope Geoffs .36s DPM scrim net to go over my boonie hopefully to conceal my head and scope, we shall see. First time skirmishing it this Saturday so will see how it is stock
  2. Had no idea they even existed till reading this, have only been playing less than a year though so that's probably why. They can have a tenner off me, that's nothing for the peace of mind knowing there are people more articulate and in the know than I am out there fighting to keep Airsoft going in the face of some of the proposed BS laws. I'm in.
  3. Partly just to see how it looked and Its a fabric tape so ofers a extra grippy and slightly cushioned feel to the grips. I do wear gloves so probably makes the whole excercise pointless
  4. This is what happens when i'm left with camo tape and guns...
  5. Anyone know when the Mark 2 Krytac Tridents are going to be available in the UK? Looking at getting a SPR but might hold out.

  6. I was tempted to get one of the Site legal ones when i came across them on Patrol Base, do like a magnum but the high powered ones were the only ones you could get a little while back and there's no way I'm spending money on a gun i can't skirmish. If your set on a 1911 and don't mind using Green Gas you could always go double barreled as well, cause that doesn't look unwieldy at all.
  7. My KJW 1911 i bought from Taiwangun shoots a very steady 300FPS out of the box, had no issues with it, the kick is really hard and the guns pretty loud on that model. It also has Green Gas and CO2 mags for it, I wouldn't be surprised if it performed similar to your M9 TBH just a different look.
  8. I'll run cap if it's not cold and a shot to the ear feels 10000 times worse, then I take my neck warmer put that over my head down to my ears and use the straps of the mesh mask to close the whole on the other end. Failing that I will wear a boonie if I'm going full DPM, with goggles and mesh. But don't use anything specific for ear protection.
  9. Would it be anything like that X-Fire Gameshow that if i remember correctly was bloody cheesy at times. This was 2000/2001 though.
  10. I've ordered from them before, mainly gear rather than guns, though did order my 1911 gave my UKARA number when I ordered and they put it on the outside of the Shipment. I was never contacted by customs about it.
  11. Found the easiest fix for that is to have this and shove it in a utility pouch instead. Also stops you juggling bottle lids.
  12. Like others have said, the people are the only issue, they are generally the only thing you have no control over, everything else can be fixed. I've been to a site a couple of times where there is a team that is always there, now i generally don't come across teams but these guys seemed to act like they are "Elite" airsofters at a friendly skirmish sunday. So far i've seen different members: Whine that the team they were on for the day was rubbish so sat out of the games for the rest of the day meaning the team had less people on their side and everyone had to switch up teams to make it even again. Complain that someone shot them in the face when walking to the respawn whilst they walked through the middle of a firefight, rather than around the firefight. One of them shooting people on their own team for not "pushing up" past the objective that was under their control because "We should keep\them in their respawn" rather than give them a chance to get back into the game. The reason i have issue with this is, as much fun as it is to win, you've got to understand that everyone else there has paid money to enjoy a day out, berating people because your aggravated does nothing for you, your team or any new/first time players getting into airsoft. Also i'm not against teams entirely but you've got to pick and choose your times to be serious and that's what MilSim is for, but often see things around the internet of Teams going too far and thinking they're god's gift to airsoft.
  13. I hope for my mates sake it was a one off, though he was saying the accuracy of his at 40m was always hitting a consistently tight range, though i call BS on that one as a sniper on our team hitting 500FPS with a tuned HPA rifle (don't know what it was due to heavy camo wrapped around it) with the wind and rain we had yesterday was shooting curve balls like the rest of us. I'll see how he gets on.
  14. Is that t4-18 the EBB? A mate recently got one and skirmished it for the first time today and was loving it, apparently has extremely good range and consistentcy. On topic: some Lipo guard bags, and the days pyros.
  15. I've got a pair of Blackhawk V2's, they're alright at saving my knees and generally staying in the right place. Anything that will really give you some extra padding around there will help.
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