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    GHK G5 + Parts

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    GHK G5 - lightly used. Comes with two of the newer Pmags, the FG airsoft variable nozzle, an M4 stock, aftermarket pistol grip, vertical grip, and a variety of GHK parts including an O-ring set. More details available by request. Available for collection from Croydon or postage at your cost.


    - GB

  2. I was there in a Hawaiian shirt. You might have seen me. Might be there on the 14th, too.
  3. You talk about the hit taking system as taking out non hit taking complaints. Unfortunately, these complaints are primarily caused by the fact that airsofters think they're much better shots than they actually are. The complaints will still be there, but they'll be : 'I hit him somewhere the system didn't register' 'I hit him but the system didn't work' 'I hit him before he shot me' Etc. These complaints are ubiquitous and part of the sport. I've spent literally years following up on them as a marshal and the number of complaints that proved justified were under 10%. Even in paintball, hit taking is an issue! A better suggestion - make tracers compulsory. Suddenly everyone can see where they're shooting. For the overall format, it has some promise but seems like a niche appeal. It's also literally speedsoft with extra bells, which is fine.... Otherwise I think the concept has legs. The hit detection gear is a waste of time and money, but the concept might run. I'd slot it in as a once a month special alongside regular skirmish days. Also worth thinking - if you're trying to go this way, this concept is probably best marketed at non airsoft players. That way you could provide all the kit and control gear and load outs, and angle it as an experience day. Regular airsofters will resist this hugely because they want to use their own kit.
  4. So, on topic. I think, as has been elucidated briefly by others earlier, the dangerous part of 'competitive' airsoft is generally the over competitive attitude, whether that's a hpa rifle filling the air with bbs at no concern to the safety of other players, or a super tactical elephant barreling down a corridor through other people... Or, famously at my site, someone lighting up their own team near regen for not moving up. As soon as someone cares more about winning than everyone involved having fun (including the guy you just shot), you get problems. Making airsoft 'competitive' can draw that attitude. I think as others have said, look for focus on sportsmanship than 'winning' for a more healthy experience. Could you play small team Siege (CS) style games in a competitive manner - yes. But you'd need to be ready for bad play, hurt feelings, etc. I'm reminded of how Socom picked their sponsored team. Invited a bunch of teams to play, watched them and picked not the winner, but the ones who played best.
  5. Worked well for what it was. DCS - bulk and heat. Might just be in my own head (similar to my feelings about kneepads, can't get on with them even nice brands), but I felt restricted in upper body movement. Switched to the slimmer Recon, which helped on the restriction aspect but still warm. I was mounting my D3 on the front for mags, until a particularly hot summer day drove me to just run the D3. Didn't go back after that. Nowadays, I almost entirely play either limited ammo games (600 rounds) or shorter CQB games. I'm also a player marshal for a site, so I choose to run as light as possible - I've seen too many rounds ping off mag pouches or edges of rigs/PCs to risk it. One video of a tracer coming off my gear, and me playing on without noticing it would be hugely embarrassing for the site.
  6. Both of the main Warrior offerings, a jpc clone, and a couple of different China clones of varying styles. Now much happier with a Haley D3 if I need to carry stuff, or a belt rig if I don't.
  7. Individual carriers and setups may vary - I found that anything with any kind of replacement plates in didn't flex, and anything without flapped around.
  8. Picture doesn't show how thin it is - less than an inch. Thinner than most jackets. Having played in both, a plate carrier is both more obstructive and warmer..though the second point might vary depending on what you use as plate replacements.
  9. So the 'Pro' for plate carriers appears to be that they have just blank Molle so can be customised to suit. With that in mind, why a PC over something like the Blackhawk Strike Vest? Cheaper, lighter (so easier to feel hits through and cooler temperature wise), more molle space to use. Imo the existence of molle vests throws PCs purely into the looks/cosplay angle.
  10. I like red. Keeps me from blinding myself on splashback from the walls, preserves my night vision if I have to double check where my feet are on stairs. White as above better for blinding but I don't find blinding that useful. People peeking corners tend to duck back (and thus avoid the slower traveling bb) when a bright torch is aimed at them. If you're spoiled for rail space and don't mind the weight, a bright white and a dim red would give you best of both worlds. My chicken arms and I will stick to one dim red.
  11. Obviously the records are sealed, but the most gross things pulled out of that toilet were sourced from geardos. Rentals are a cakewalk by comparison.
  12. No, for real,there's a new car park in the building site across the road...!
  13. Can confirm Trigger is ginger as they come. Bottom of his feet are perfectly flat, no soles. Plus all the asshole stuff is true too. Can't stand the guy.
  14. I'm on the side of the soft hearted charitable nitwits, even after experience to the contrary... I've often thrown a pistol or nade to someone - if I'm shot out of the last game on a night with no more respawn, I generally give any unused gear to players still in the fight (nades etc)... have even given it to chaps on the opposing team. Generally this has proven nothing but a positive experience - starts a conversation when they return kit in the safe zone etc. However, recently, my brother did the same - tossed a pistol to a rental he was stuck in a tight corner with, and the chap promptly wrapped it in his jacket and went home with it! ....I still think I'd loan my gear out though. Call me a fool .
  15. A water wigglie? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Warm-Fuzzy-Toys-Water-Wigglies/dp/B004XDX9EY
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