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    Selling my Tru-Spec ATACS IX UBACS and trousers. Will add postage if needs be but can be picked up from Colchester. Although sizes say medium I usually take a large in UBACS and this still has room so its more like a large to be honest. Same can be said for the trousers, I'm a 32" waist but there is loads of room (there is a draw string)


    Colchester - GB


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    Reluctant sale of my G&P War Rifle due to personal issues I need to raise some funds so this has to go :( What's in the Box:- 1 X RIF 5 x Nuprol Metal Mid Cap Mags + Mag Pulls (can be changed to Low caps) 1 x G&P Mid Cap (never used) 2 x Batteries (on Deans) 1 x 12:1 Gears Rail Grips x 3 (2 on the gun) What's inside the RIF:- Spectre V2 Mosfet Prommy Purple Bucking (Brand New) Prowin Hop Unit (Brand New) ZCI barrel (Brand New SHS High Torque Motor (Brand New) CNC Silver 'speed trigger' Original gears (hence the 12:1 included to be fitted if you want to) I swapped the standard stock with a 'walking stick type on' as I think it looks better :) I'm also including the Keymod foregrip Feel free to drop me a message with any questions.


    Colchester, Essex - GB

  3. I'm now trying to swap the gun for a different model as there seems to be lots of complaints about this model and the mosfet/etu set up. I just don't feel confident in the gun now and would be worrying that the thing will just stop as soon as the battery's drop below a certain level. Just hoping zeroone will exchange it.
  4. Been advised this battery made solve my problems... http://www.componentshop.co.uk/11-1v-1000mah-20c-continuous-discharge-airsoft-lipo-split-pack.html But potentially void my warranty with the seller
  5. That really is disappointing if that is the case. I've just spent nearly £60 on batteries and reading that only one will actually work (and that will be for 1/2 a day if I'm careful). I contacted several sellers of the SR and they all told me 7.4s were fine. I'm still hoping out that mine has a fault as it did run for 1/2 a day on a 7.4. So if I need to change to another 7.4 for the afternoon that I can live with. I just don't want to have to shell out for even more batteries or at the least try and exchange the ones I have (as it cost a fiver to send the bloody things back!) My friend is testing all my batteries (1 brand new) and liasing with Zeroone where I bought it from so I should have some news next week. Worse case scenario, I ask for it to be exchanged for a gun with out mosfet I guess?
  6. Interesting as I was told that by G&G and posted that on here here and was told 'nope 7.4 lipo would be fine'. I also asked a few sites selling the gun and they recommended 7.4s too However I tried my Nim as well (http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=ZOBAT9N) and it was the same results. I tried looking for 11.1v lipos to fit it and they were all too long. G&G sent me a recommendation but I can't find it anywhere Going to be annoyed if it is that as I now have 3 batteres that are potentially useless (just received another 7.4 that actually fits in the stock, 106mm long)
  7. I know this thread is basically closed but I had a similar issue this weekend with the same gun. Brand new, only tested in the garage. Worked fine for 1/2 days play then stopped. I thought it was the battery (7.4 lipo) so changed to fully charged Nim. Still nothing. Spoke to the gun tech who had a look at the motor connectors (as mentioned above) and one had come off. "whew" thought me...but nope wasn't it. Gun would fire for maybe 3 shots then stop. Mosfet was still flashing though. Tried 2 other battery's and exactly the same thing. Seems another player at the site with the same gun had exactly the same thing happen. It's behaving like there is a duff battery so stops. You disconnect the battery and it will fire for 3 to 5 shots then nothing. I hope it's the mosfet or the ETU. It's being sent back (along with the other guys) to Zeroone where we got them from this week. Will let you know what they find out. Gutted though as its a lovely bit of kit.
  8. I've been spoilt with my JG G36 as I only ever need one battery for the day lol. Right gonna go with the 7.v and see what happens. Cheers guys. If you have any specific recommendations please feel free to drop them in this thread
  9. That confuses me more as the choice just get's bigger and bigger . Just want a battery that will last me the day and fits in the bloody thing
  10. This is G&G have told me that the gun has to have 11.1v as anything else is not powerful enough " Thanks for your mail. The most recommended Li-po battery is 11.1V with three piece or any other 11.1V Li-po which could be put inside this model. We have received some feedbacks regarding no fire while pulling the trigger with 9.6V Ni-Mh or 7.4V Li-po battery as we recommended on manual. Then we found it needs much power to run the motor pushing ETU system, even 9.6V Ni-Mh battery works, it will be out of power soon. Therefore, we have revised the note on our manual and recommend 11.1V Li-po battery on our ETU models." So i need to make a 11.1v fit :/
  11. Hi, Recently bought a G&G CM16 SR-L and have been advised from G7G themselves that I need 11.1 lipo batteries due to the ETU being a bit power hungry They are updating their manual to reflect this. So my hunt for batteries started and I've found these 2 http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=17282 and http://www.componentshop.co.uk/11-1v-1000mah-20c-continuous-discharge-airsoft-lipo-split-pack.html Thing is I'm concerned they won't fit in the stock as they are too 'wide'. The stock has 6 positions and I need to move it to the first one to grab the connector and the 'middle bit doesn't appear to have that much depth:- Will I be able to 'wiggle them down the sides as they are 3 pieces? Thanks all
  12. Ah, makes sense I went for this now though http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?cPath=268_318_403_494&products_id=4397 Still like the look of the 30th anniversary though
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