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  1. definitely mate, only downside is you end up with no money ha
  2. Please say this is going to be one of them ____ vs x factor for Christmas number 1?
  3. I ordered from these guys at about 20 past 12 in the morning, by 3 o'clock same afternoon it was dispatched an by 10 o'clock the next day it had arrived, didnt even pay for next day delivery, id order from them again
  4. I bought a mp5 on here, had a few issues with it but i aint even gonna bother to ask for a refund, way i see it is im getting to learn all about the gun, seein as im a noob to airsoft its great being able to learn stuff
  5. don't forget "you was almost a jill sandwich"
  6. Bargain, shall have to purchase it, any quick temp fixes? untill i do buy it
  7. I know right, yours is probably an easy fix, mines probably spend hours stripping the gearbox to see if i can see anything
  8. No it's not, sometimes if i give it a squeeze again it stops
  9. Nah man, in semi auto it just switches to full auto and dont stop for about 10-15 rounds
  10. Alright guys, bought a mp5 on here its a good starter weapon but it jams on full auto occasionally, any ideas on how to fix this? Haven't taken it apart yet to check the gearbox to check that's the plan tomorrow evening, just thought id ask for some advice before i dismantled it
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