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  1. PhillRC

    Patrol Base

    I've got the gun now all ready for Sunday.
  2. PhillRC

    Patrol Base

    I have the product the sold me was out of stock and didn't contact me about it till yesterday, I'll hopefully have it Tomorow for my first skirmish on Sunday
  3. PhillRC

    Patrol Base

    ordered a glock 18c and it broke in 2 days, ordered another because i needed it straight away still haven't got it.
  4. I'm thinking of booking it for my first game next week, do you think it would be alright with just a pistol ?
  5. I haven't been to a match yet, I've had the gun three days I've fixed the switch now in waiting for it to charge so I can test it
  6. its also stuck on auto
  7. its gone dead and I've plugged it in for 5 minuets and it still won't fire, how long will it have to be charged before i can shoot
  8. I've came across a king arms r93 blaser on Facebook so k Swaped my air rifle for it and I'm looking into having a game near Cardiff soon I'm looking at a cyma 1911 electric pistol are they anygood for a beginner ?
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