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  1. Skirmish Airsoft Mansfield: Player rating: Varies. You do get some serious players but most are there for a good laugh, there can be a lot of cheat calling. Marshal Rating: 10. Marshals are up for banter and fun but are always serious on safety (as they should be) and keep everyone sticking to the rules. Humber Airsoft Player rating: a solid 10. The players are serious but also up for fun. Some players may give out orders and shout at you (not for anything bad.. unless you do actually do something seriously wrong) Marshal Rating: 10. Up for fun and banter and also play alongside walk-ons. Most of the Marshals are also part of a Milsim team so they can be very serious. Hope this helps, mate.
  2. I currently run a Disciple Battle belt, which you can get from armysurplus.co.uk for £30, with a harness and it is absolutely amazing. I used to run a plate carrier with all my pouches on that and it was too hindering. On the belt I carry a triple mag pouch, Dump pouch, water bottle (for on the field hydration / team mates) an ifak and a utility pouch for grenades. If you don't like carrying anything on your chest I would definitely go for a battle belt.
  3. I now carry 3 extra stanag style mags on the back of my carrier just in case anyone needs an extra mag, each one is marked with my initials just in case. I don't carry around bottles of bbs on the fields as I find they can be too loud when moving and I currently don't have any way of carrying them either way. However I would happily give extra 0.2 rounds out to players who need them. I'd totally be up for this too!
  4. Ares M4 CQC - Black 8 Fields Hard Armour Plate Carrier - Black Viper Water Bottle / Pouch - Black Trojan Tactical Admin Map Pouch - Olive Green 8 Fields Radio Pouch - Flecktarn 2x 8 Fields M4 Pouch - Flecktarn 8 Fields Rollable Dump Pouch - Flecktarn Name Patch
  5. My old Viper Drop Leg holster broke on my during a skirmish yesterday so I need a new one and I was wondering if there are any better drop leg holsters than Viper? It also needs to be left handed. Thanks, Kielnastra.
  6. Yes you can if you have someone willing to lend one to you, more than likely renting will give you a proper RIF. Some sites like the one I regularly play at (Skirmish Airsoft Mansfield) have a store on site and will allow you to purchase a RIF as long as you leave the RIF at the site when not in use and they do expect that you plan on becoming a member of the site so you can get your UKARA membership.
  7. I see your sarcasm! Yes I do! But in all seriousness, the M14 DMR is not a CQB weapon. This is very, very true and like he says, you need to be entirely sure you want to be a sniper. I attempted to snipe in my latest Airsoft vid and I seriously did not have the patience to properly snipe people (Though it was cool using a proper bolt action).
  8. I agree with Adam! I have gone 4 times and my most recent time I was alone. Like Adam said it is in everyone's interest to be friendly to each other (Even though tempers may flame on the field due to supposed cheaters). Going alone will certainly give you chance to speak to people about their gear, in the safe zone don't stay at your spot, walk about, more than likely people will say hello.
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