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  1. so i would have to buy a new spring , piston , spring guide to get the fps up to what i want why do i need a new trigger setup? also where could i buy these things is there any websites which you know of? With these upgrades how far and how accurate will the rifle shoot in perfect conditions? thanks
  2. iam thinking about selling the revolver any idea where i could do this
  3. i have been to strike force myself i agree its got a good bottle neck on the right hand side, how do you rate black ops cribs because me and my friends are looking at going there at some point. Also here is my video of strike force https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3GJsb26v7M
  4. No i have the guns listed on my profile however i have only bought aeg or gbb rifles but no snipers and i thought i might have a go at the sniper role in a skirmish i have also researched some snipers i really like the vsr 10 gtech however it does have a low fps out of the box and i was wandering how much it would cost to fully upgrade this rifle to get it shooting at 450 - 500 fps with good accuracy.keep in mind that will be taking it down a shop to get it upgraded and i want to make sure i dont get ripped off.
  5. I have had a look on the internet and iam going to purchase a decent cam recorder and attach to my scope, iam also looking at buying the vsr10 g tech and i noticed that you were using one in the video is there any tips/upgrades which are important to know before buying this sniper.
  6. I have a we 5.1 hi capa and it shoots at around 380 fps with we green gas using 0.20 is there any way the duster or 144a gas could lower this to under 340 fps
  7. What is the lowest power green gas I can get.
  8. any good scope cams which are around 50-75 pounds
  9. Iam thinkng about getting a sniper and i have around 200 pounds however iam not sure which to get either spring , gas electric and iam not sure of there pros and cons.
  10. I live in Cheltenham Gloucestershire and i was wandering if someone could give me a list of skirmish sites i could go to without more than 1.30 drive.
  11. Ye it is a Dan Wesson I will probably buy those lower fps shells but does anyone have any ideas on what I could use it for In a skirmish
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