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  1. Yea total ban, five years if caught playing even with a rental gun as it's in possession of.silly if you ask me. He would be legally allowed to take up archery with a crossbow or normal bow which is lethal but not play airsoft heh.
  2. Well, the firearms officer phoned today the answer was no, you can't play airsoft with a firearms ban and if you are caught you will receive a five year prison sentence. The police still see an airaoft rifle as air powered and thus coming in under the firearm. Something about criminal act maybe vcra not sure missed which act but under section 21. So yea if you have a ban no airsoft for you. You can appeal your ban but it only gets turned over mostly for hardship cases not for someone to go play a sport or hobby.
  3. just phoned them, they say they have some rigid ones that might be uncomfy to wear that i can trial, and next year they will hopefully have some normal ones that would suit me as they are still in testing what ever it was he said :/
  4. i did email the minister of justice, who replied and told me to take it up with the home office which i have forwarded the email to. once i find out an actual answer i will be sure to let you all know the outcome
  5. i think it might be worth popping in since my eyes are up for a retest soon, and i have used specsavers for since forever, so if they say no again ill go have a quick check elsewhere
  6. last time i asked for contacts it wasn't an option, that was 10 years ago mind
  7. i haven't thought about looking at paint ball masks tbf, i might look into prescription inserts later on if i like the clear goggles i don't want to just jump straight into buying them if that makes sense, the goggles i found look ok as they are designed to sit over normal glasses but i don't understand all this grade lens stuff ect.
  8. i am looking to update my mesh goggles for some clear goggles, i struggle to find safety glasses as i wear glasses and refuse to pay extra to have prescription inserts made. http://www.screwfix.com/p/bolle-pilot-safety-goggles/1227f is the safety rating of these good enough? class B
  9. Shizbazki thanks for posting and looking so far into it 😀, I used sections of that to email various people a few days ago before coming to this forum yet only a few emailed back no one of importance
  10. rsoft guns are basically toys and therefore are not Firearms so any ban is irrelevant, there is no reason why they cannot play on an airsoft site or us a hire gun. Best Regards UKARA Admin I emailed ukara that is the response I received, I am still waiting for the actual officer to contact me I will try ringing him today or contacting different offices in another region, but all this advice here is helpful in my argument towards why he should still be allowed to play. You have all been great so far thanks again
  11. this doesn't look promising, i am hoping if the worst comes to the worst he can just play airsoft without owning his own gun, just rentals at the site on the day
  12. I am waiting for an actual firearms officer to call me back in the subject, I really hope he listens to what I have say unlike the woman I spoke to at the main office who just read out anything that shoots projectiles missiles ammo, or is air powered means you can't play airsoft. I agree with what you are all saying fully, and can't see the issue at all here
  13. Holt19851985

    Firearm ban

    So this is a really tricky one, I have a family member that used to play airsoft along time ago and would like to go back to it with us, there is of course only one issue a firearm ban. He ended up in prison and because of the sentence length got himself an automatic firearm ban. Spoke to the firearm department they don't even know they just say bb guns are air powered firearms so it's a no. I read on a police website that the power an airsoft rifle makes it toy like and isnt classed as a firearm. Can you play airsoft with a firearm ban.. It's a really tricky one. I don't see why you should be stopped from a hobby like this for an unrelated prison sentence ect. Hopefully someone can help clear this up Many thanks in advance
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