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  1. If you've ever been to Epsom or heard stories of it, you'll know that there is no way of NOT calling hits, even for those that choose not too. The environment is so close (not to mention full auto being the norm) not calling isn't a option!But bloody good fun! Just going solo the once has goven me the confidence to never be shy of going solo again. Where about do you play?
  2. I caught the bug and bought half the gear before I'd even played my first game. Since playing the game that 'bug' has become an infection! Ha, went down to airsoft zone today, got myself some new condor pouches, extended glock mags (to feed my cqb pistol addiction) and a 2nd glock (we glock 19)
  3. Ellzzg, as you mention face protection. One guy last night got a nasty hit to the cheek, not sure if he had no face protection or just a gap between his upper and lower mask. But it wasn't pretty! I took some nasty hits to the stomach between my chest rig and riggers belt (pure unluckieness) but all part of the fun! I will be there next Wednesday too if anyone is thinking of going.
  4. Thought I'd give you a update from Epsom last night, went by myself, wasn't a problem! 99% of the players were friendly, chatty and more than happy to show me the ropes. It's a brilliant site, staff were great and provided drinks and snacks in the price. Ended up ditching the rental ak and taking advantage of my two glock 18's instead. Anyway, bottom line. Great place and I will be returning next Wednesday
  5. So I went to Epsom (elite action games) last night. It was brilliant! Admittedly took some pounding hits being such a close quarter map. Ended up ditching the rental ak47 and taking advantage of my two glock 18's instead, defiantly recommend for anyone that hasn't been.
  6. I literally had a delivery from them today. My 3rd time buying with them now. Grade 1 is listed as brand new or like brand new and grade 2 is listed and almost new with no rips or tears but the possibility of some slight discolouration etc. for the difference in the price, i just went with grade 1 and so far all has been fine. Delivery is basically next day depending on what time you order and its via dpd tracked courier, handy if nobody is in to take the parcel etc, you can plan your day around the estimated delivery time given. I would definitely recommend
  7. I'm glad you posted this, I'm going to Epsom on my own tomorrow and have been a bit skeptical about it. I know the airsoft scene is a friendly one, just didn't want to be wondering about feeling a bit out of place! I wouldn't worry, everyone is there with the same intentions and what better way of finding friends that ARE interested in the sport than to meet some already taking part!
  8. Does seem a little expensive, I get that its new and they need to make some money but £30 for 2 hours is defiantly a little steep.
  9. Wow! Didn't realise how close both these sites are to me! May just have to pop down and have a closer look/play
  10. Anybody on here going Epsom tomorrow evening? (Wednesday) my mate has dropped out on me and it would be nice to know somebody!
  11. Defiantly going to have to check this place out, joined the Facebook group, pictures look good so far! Only 20minutes from me too, wonder if there is any onsite parking or parking nearby
  12. I am also from the Essex area, just finished getting all my kit together. Will currently be renting a main weapon until I get my ukara, I took the alternative route of buying a side arm first. I am attending Epsom this Wednesday evening (29th) it's about a hour and 15 min drive from me but looks promising as a CQB site
  13. Cheers for the reply mate, il check it out!
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