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  1. Has anyone used the Bolle Blast saftey goggles for Airsoft and are they good eye pro and do they fit with a lower mesh mask? Cheers.
  2. Hi Sacarathe,I noticed on your list that you have a G&G CM18.Iv currently got a cyma cm041 but looking to get the G&G CM18.are they a decent gun for CQB/MILSIM/ Long range shooting? cheers Happyface
  3. Hello,can anyone recommend a PB style full face mask (non mesh) that wont permit bbs to go through any vents at the side or the frontal areas or lens. I did look at the Sly Profit mask but it doesn't cover me jaw.iv tried several types of mesh masks and cant get on with them. I know its not tacticool to wear a PB mask for AS but that's what I'm looking for.any help would be appreciated. cheers
  4. Hi Mr B,thanks for your reply.do you where they sell a legit charging in the UK?what type of battery would you suggest to put in the hand guard connector ?sling wise I'd spend about £20 or more providing it keeps me gun attached to me and doesn't brake resulting in the weapon broken on the concrete.
  5. Lol,yer I spoke with them the other day and they said it was fine to use them.thanks for the info BTW.
  6. Hi all,just got myself a Cyma cm 0.41 without a charger and battery.can anyone recommend a good set please? Oops,looks like I get a mini 8.4 v 1200m ah with it. Can anyone recommend a decent two point sling and good mags as well? Cheers
  7. Thanks for the info SD.might have to contact the mall and see if they permit lasers for the evening games or buy myself a holo sight
  8. Duely noted.do you know if laser are permitted on the sight red or green?
  9. Thanks for the info.i was thinking of going to next weeks evening game down there but I heard it's very dark so might try out the mall instead to get few games under me belt before I go down to the tunnels,
  10. Hi,I'm looking for a tactical group in and around Surrey that hold regular training sessions and/or regular trips to sight games around the SE. If anyone knows of such groups that are inviting newbies along please let me know. I'm also looking for a small group that visits sights that I can tag along with and learn the ropes and have of a bit of a spray and pray fun too. Cheers HF
  11. Anyone used the company of late? Are they still offering the great service/products like in the past to the UK as I'm looking to maybe ordering a couple guns from them? Thanks
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