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  1. What did ya Google? I've been looking and the closest I can find is in Staffordshire
  2. Hey guys looking for somewere to go airsoft in tomorrow saturday 1st August? ?? I'm from lincoln so somewere local would be best altho don't mind driving an hourish out the way.. any suggestions?? Cheers luke
  3. Won't let me upload photos as too large however only 700kb ish...
  4. anyone know of anything out there? surely there must be some somewere...?
  5. Thanks samurai I started knocking a prototype up today I've gone for an impact type using a ball joint and flange face. Ground the ball joint in the drill on the bench grinder and knocked up the main body and firing pin I've used nimonic for the pin hopefully wear slower and made it replaceable with an m6 thread on the end just waiting to borrow an m24 tap an die to carry on tomorrow hopefully have it together by tomo night if I do an it works as should I'll post some pics up..
  6. Anyone on here made a bfg before. I'm thinking impact design would be easier than timed however not set on that yet. Ally construction bar the firing pin wrapped in Delrin for longevity. Background info I work as an engineer and have my own lathe and mill I can't justify paying all that money when I have the materials and means to knock a small batch up.. Just wondered if anyone else on here had made any. The tricky part will be the ball joint for a tilt head design however a ball nose cutter and ball bearing faced, drilled and tapped ought to suffice.. Any input welcome
  7. Holy crap they make a pistol under barrel grenade launcher too hahaz
  8. Thanks just seen a Spanish made on too by zoxn looks good
  9. ok so i know you can get bfg grenades that are reusable but can you get reusable smoke grenades to lay down cover or reusable bb grenades that fire like a moscat but in all directions i reckon they would be fairly easy to manufacture if you made them impact detonated.. anyone any ideas
  10. Nah I want a gbb airsoft gun had all sorts of pellet pistols and rifles from co2 to pcp to ssp. I'm planning on skirmishing it too from time to time.. any way after alot of thought an research I've bought a marui m9a1 when to fore support in peterborough an had a look at a few.. the desert eagle is a beast haha bit big for skirmishing the usp's look good and the 1911's are nice but the m9 flicked every switch for me.. good looking practical and I must say I looked at a few different manufacturers and marui stood out for build quality and looks for me
  11. Price isnt an issue just want something half decent for knocking down tin cans and flip targets in the garden and something that is full power (BTW what is full power for gbb pistols) I know aeg's used to be 328fps at phoenix airsoft were we used to go.. if I decide to get back I to it something that would serve as a good shits hit the fan side arm
  12. My old m4 a1 by ice seemed well made do they do gbb pistols?
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