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  1. OK thanks I guess different sites will test differently.. I'll wait until I get the 0.2s through the post before I start shortening springs.. Any idea on what rate that spring is?
  2. Yeah I've read about the back pressure the hop can cause which makes sense.. Thanks for the reply.. Do you snipe? If so do you set using 0.2 under 500fps or joules with 0.4 Thanks again
  3. So purchased a vsr g spec i have the zero trigger unit Teflon cylinder pss10 orange piston pss10hop up 6.02 tightbore in it. These are my chrono figures with 0.25g as I don't have any 0.2 or 0.4 which I will actually be using.. The figures seem a little high once I apply any hop up at half hop it is boosting the fps by 50 is this normal in a vsr.. Do you guys set yours using 0.2g to under 500fps or by thepower output in joules it makes? I will have some 0.2 and 0.4 in next few days so will have to test again.. Also anyone know what rating this spring is.. I mean the one that came in this box as it just says 450fps on it.. I believe this is the spring in the rifle thanks for any help. Luke See photo..
  4. Looking at purchasing a new plate carrier.. I'm 6ft 4 and 104kg anyone my size have any recommendations.. Currently looking at the condor mopc and the flye 6094 anyone my size have these if so how is the fit Cheers for any input Luke
  5. Thanks v much for the reply without the precocking on auto I guess I can fire a blast on full auto before storing Thanks again Thanks again I have an ics m4/16 and can confirm that the spring decompression does work on that model thanks again
  6. Hi I've just purchased this second hand with a nazzed etu so have installed a btc spectre.. Everything is running sweet however the forward assist does not decompress the spring.. I'm not sure if it should on these models.. Any help appreciated.. If it is not a working part how do I ensure that my rifle is not stored with a compressed spring.. I have precocking enabled on semi and medium active breaking on both semi and auto but no precocking on auto Thanks for any help Luke
  7. What did ya Google? I've been looking and the closest I can find is in Staffordshire
  8. Hey guys looking for somewere to go airsoft in tomorrow saturday 1st August? ?? I'm from lincoln so somewere local would be best altho don't mind driving an hourish out the way.. any suggestions?? Cheers luke
  9. Won't let me upload photos as too large however only 700kb ish...
  10. anyone know of anything out there? surely there must be some somewere...?
  11. Thanks samurai I started knocking a prototype up today I've gone for an impact type using a ball joint and flange face. Ground the ball joint in the drill on the bench grinder and knocked up the main body and firing pin I've used nimonic for the pin hopefully wear slower and made it replaceable with an m6 thread on the end just waiting to borrow an m24 tap an die to carry on tomorrow hopefully have it together by tomo night if I do an it works as should I'll post some pics up..
  12. Anyone on here made a bfg before. I'm thinking impact design would be easier than timed however not set on that yet. Ally construction bar the firing pin wrapped in Delrin for longevity. Background info I work as an engineer and have my own lathe and mill I can't justify paying all that money when I have the materials and means to knock a small batch up.. Just wondered if anyone else on here had made any. The tricky part will be the ball joint for a tilt head design however a ball nose cutter and ball bearing faced, drilled and tapped ought to suffice.. Any input welcome
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