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  1. Get the UV8 it's much better. I have UV5's as well tho they are really really cheap and good. UV8's can't really be programmed without the cable tho! Programming the 5's however is a doddle - if you search for my PRC 152 video on youtube it's the same process for programming.
  2. lol get the issued stuff then mate it's cheap and good.
  3. I think that's a GS bergan frame and they are pretty close to the ALICE. What's wrong with just using an ALICE frame for 'Nam stuff?
  4. Try and find a proper surplus store and just fill your eyes with wonder and then empty your wallet with disbelief as you buy everything you can I went to a few surplus stores in the states and they weren't very good but I hope you find a better one than I!
  5. Yeah I've argued with eBay and at the end of the day they don't give a shit about us or what we have to say it's totally corporate American bullshit.
  6. I have Emerson multicam trousers and shirt based on the Crye set (so knee pads etc) which I brought for my son but he doesn't seem interested. They are an adult small if you could use them mate PM me.
  7. I did a search and there are loads of gun spares. In addition, eBay's terms and conditions appear to state that it is just the receiver of a BB gun that can't be sold.
  8. This is disgusting. I would be interested to find out ak2m4 if their attitude with you changes following your cancellation. So can one sell a 'magazine pouch' or can the search term have no gun stuff at all?!
  9. Try putting power direct to the battery to eliminate any problems in wiring between the battery and the motor. Only give it a quick blast tho, and use the lowest cap battery you have (7.2) to avoid over revving the motor as there will be no resistance with it not pulling the spring back etc. Try that!
  10. Hey all! I just listed loads of stuff for sale! Happy to haggle on prices if you buy a few bits. http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/26967-mtp-gear-ubacs-smocks-goretex-softies-ration-packs-daysacks-boots/

  11. Warrior Assault Systems is defo worth the money - the kit is really well made and tough and comfy. It's totally up there with the top spec kit. They did have a run of shit quality stuff for a while (like Blackhawk and everyone else) but now use only the best materials like ITW buckles and genuine Cordura etc. RE TMC however, is good gear for airsofting. My son used a 6094B for a year and it has lasted really well. It's for sale actually if you were interested - it's got plates front, back and side (fake plates). It's in Khaki which is a good colour for matching any terrain/camo. My final word on this is that TMC gear is some of the best "cheapo chinese" gear out there. I am a right kit slut and I use some TMC bits.
  12. Thanks for the welcome! I am here to contribute to the stimulating discussion (probably not actually - I'm not that stimulating) but also have loads of MTP kit to get rid of so keep your eyes out for a for sale thread if I manage to get round to it!
  13. Hello. I'm Rich and I am on some of the other forums under the same name. Just joined this one and thought I'd say hi
  14. I use Zero One BB's - if you buy a case of ten it works out about £11.50 per 5k rounds (.25) including postage etc.
  15. Good morning all! I have LOADS of MTP kit to get rid of including trousers, shirts, smocks, goretex, softies, daysacks etc. If anyone is after anything get in touch as I need it all gone!

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