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    G&G tr-15 raider CQB
    G&G tr4-18 (hk416)
    cybergun mauser l96 springer
    WE P226 GBB pistol
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    Black swat/merc full loadout
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  1. Awesome. If drew stet and stevil can pm me loadouts, location, regular site etc. Then I'll hve a flick through when I'm home tomorrow
  2. I'm up for that dresser, been looking to get a team together got the name and sponsorship sorted
  3. Going to have a look around for somewhere else for in a week or two, maybe airsoftgb, Southend or billericky?? Any good local places that are going to have a day on in a few weeks?
  4. Hell yeah. Any excuse now the weathers good
  5. Are you up at the Colchester airsoft day on Sunday drewster?
  6. I hope not lol watched the YouTube vid and thought I'd properly poo myself or hurt them :/ haha just a normal day would do for me
  7. Thinking of doing a trip to the mall in reading as word on the wire is they won't be around for ever :/ (redevelopment) any one up for it? I'm planning on driving it. Can carry 4 passengers?
  8. I'm going to be there on the 28th. Anyone need a lift from colchester?
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