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  1. Well I definitely ruffle some feathers. They (Shield) told my boss that they aren't happy what I'd told Bespoke Airsoft. And They are now taking heat from retailers. I guess it's lesson learned on both sides.
  2. It is I contacted Bespoke Airsoft to clarify the launch date. March 31st is for the US. Never have we said it's a world wide launch.
  3. Sorry I have been busy lately and I got sick after Shot Show. Anyway, a couple things UK players should know. 1. We still haven't finalized with the UK spec. Just moments ago I was told to wait for Shield's requirement. We'll see what they want us to do. 2. Vector still need to go thru CE certification. Which will impact the the UK launch timing. The initial shipment will go to US, then Japan, then UK/EU. I do wonder if BrExit will have any effect with CE requirement. 3. I can pretty much guarantee opening the gearbox won't get you a face full with spring and gears. If it does happened to you.... you are doing it wrong. 4. The gun doesn't recoil, however, the piston does travel the same direction as the real bolt on the firearm version. I'll happy to answer more questions. Keep them coming.
  4. In fairness speaking, I was blunt with the reply and I was miffed with some of the word was used. Perhaps I should have wrote "please be patience with us." and leave it as is. It was written at 2am afterall. Also, just want to make a correction that Krytac isn't a company. It's brand under KRISS USA / KRISS Group. It's a bit complicated to explain all the inner works of the company. But airsoft isn't our primary business. We just have to be more efficient with the resource that is given to us.
  5. Well here is the thing. I'm not PR and I am not here to give pretty excuses. Production schedule is currently maxed out. It is what it is. As for finding better distributor and representation is something not easily change because there is a contract and amoung other requirements which I won't bore you with details. Our job is to resolve the issues at hand. It's learning curve for them and a learning curve for us as well. I will tell you 6 months ago I have no direct contact with them when the decision was made from executive level. Now, I have frequent communication with UK distributor and helping them to provide better support to our UK customer. Don't take my words. Just check Krytac forum recent posts or Krytac 6mm AS Replica FB page.
  6. I'm for changing the UK spec and we do wish things would have changed overnight. However, it is not possible when we have production schedule for multiple regions. UK isn't the only region outside of US. We also have to keep demand for Japan, EU and South America. Think of a revolving table. You'll just have to wait for your turn. As far as parts support, it's getting better. Our UK distributor is committed to order more supply. I completely understand your frustration and you are correct things would have been planned better. That said, I'm here because I am genuinely looking into what we can do to improve. Getting feedback, answering questions and clearing some misconception. I welcome constructive criticism and I would appreciate if you can choose your words a bit more courteous. For the record, I'm sitting at home right now at 2:09am PST in the wee hours typing this reply. I could get a bit grumpy. Just saying...
  7. Like I said, we honestly didn't know. We always use 11.1v here in US so we assume 11.1v also common over UK. Remember that annoying warning sticker to advise using 7.4v was to tell people not to use 11.1v since the 1st batch does have 30k motor.
  8. yea... I wouldn't use 20k motor with a 150 spring.
  9. I'm for using 30k for UK spec, less work for us to keep two type of SKU. ;-)
  10. Here is a short video to show you the result of a 30K motor vs. 20k motor with M100 spring and 11.1v Lipo. https://youtu.be/akiWP2hHCjQ 30k motor, m100 spring, 11.1v 1200 mAh 20c Lipo - Over spin. 30k motor, m100 spring, 7.4v 1000 mAh 15c Lipo - No Over spin. 20k motor, m100 spring, 11.1v 1200 mAh 20c Lipo - Over spin on Full charged battery. the over spin will stop after about 100-150 rounds. Then it's back to single shot on semi. 20k motor, m100 spring, 11.1v 1200 mAh 20c Lipo - No Over spin with OLD battery. 20k motor, m100 spring, 7.4v 1000 mAh 15c Lipo - No Over spin. So our initial concern when building UK spec is the over spin issue with m100 spring. As we were advised to build lower FPS for the UK. (Irregardless if there is an actual legal concern. That's another topic. ) However, I will revisit the possibility to adjust the UK spec with our UK distributor. And for those of you wondering why our Neo magnet isn't silver. Read this article http://www.polymagnet.com/blog/nib In short, we are using a Bonded NdFeB vs. normal Sintered NdFeB which require coating with Nickel (why it's silver color). One thing the article didn't mention is the bonded Neo are less likely to crack compared to normal nickel coated Neo especially operating in high heat. In our opinion which is a more durable neo magnet.
  11. Mini-plug also belongs to Deans. So it's out of the question. As for the Star-Plug, we have looked into it and not really feel it's quality is well made. Concept seems good.
  12. Don't forget I also lurk here once in awhile. ;-)
  13. HA! I can actually answer that one. Tamiya plugs have no patent and wildly available from various supplier in China or Taiwan. Deans on the other hand, still holds a patent and EXPENSIVE. In fact, their office is right here in Orange County, CA (same as Kriss-usa West Coast office) . I called them in 2013 and was trying to source the Ultra plug from them and the first thing they hear we make real fire-arms they didn't even want to do business with us. Now I know there seems to be a lot of Deans plug in the market but I'm pretty confident to say that more than half isn't real/official Deans. Some of them just downright have questionable quality. We can't have those on our guns. That said, I'm not giving up the idea of using Deans or T-plug as standard part.
  14. Excellent question. 11.1v is the most common here in US. You don't find many players using 7.4v. UK market is new to us and we do depend on what our distributor told us. If UK legislation said 400+ FPS is allowed then it's a lot easier on us. Actually if you can provide the actual link would be great. It is possible the gun or ANY gun will fire a double shot on SEMI when you paired a high torque motor with a Sub-m120 spring plus high discharged 11.1v lipo. we see it more often here in US as I'd just explained. Especially those people who love to use high C rating batteries from RC hobbyist. The 1st batch of Krytac guns when to UK does have the 30K motor. (20K motor wasn't available at time) and the gun have m105 spring. We know is it very likely a 11.1v lipo will over spin and cause the double shoot. We did included a label with the gun to recommend using 7.4 or 9.6v. See attach pic. With that said, I admit we were a bit ill prepared for the UK market and it's generally unknown territory for us. This is why I begin to visit UK forums and try to get to know more people. So.... let me know if you've got any suggestions. Our position toward airsoft community hasn't changed. All of us in the US office also play airsoft. We just want to make something that fit what the player's want. We are pretty successful in US and in Japan. I think we can do the same for UK and EU. Just give us sometime to hash out the details. For those you like to contact me on Facebook. Just search for Kriss Allen. Allen Lau Product Manager KRISS USA
  15. I wouldn't call the 20k Crap. That's bit unkind. The fact is, we were told by the distributor that 350FPS is the limit in UK so we have to re-tune the gun with m100 spring. Using a strong neodymium magnet motor like the 30K + 11.1v Lipo will cause over-spin with SEMI fire. That is why we installed a standard motor. For the record, the 20k motor can still pull m120 spring respectively. Hey... as least we stopped using that hideous sticker on the stock. I told you we are listening. Cheers.
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