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  1. Ok I don't want to make enemies and wars out of pointless arguments. I apologise, but try to explain thing without mentioning stuff you have no clue about. btw, if you are under 18 and open a bank account you can fully use it as 18 years old person would. NatWest ;]
  2. Jeez you really didn't even glance at requirements before you spent on your parent's paypal/credit card... 3 games - same site in 2 month period is normal requirements often you might as well say 3 games in 3 months in general if you was 17.75yrs old you could of done your 3 games and your 18th birthday you get ukara'd (as well as lit up on your birthday) Refund & wait is answer Or if you can't wait - get your parents to buy from Zero One and they paint for free if you don't wanna pay for 2-tone That is the best advice I can give especially as you are not 18 just yet No offense (or defense - lol) No offense - but you could be some 11yr old got in from school @ 3:45pm and got email saying you got prove ukara etc.... read his answer again and tell me why it's not OK... others managed to explain the UKARA in more details without pointing out things they don't know about me and assuming they will be right and trying to humiliate me by them stupid additions... no need
  3. I didn't come here to lie and cheat you guys... I was just trying to get some help and you explained why I can't borrow one of yours UKARA which I'm really thankfull for.
  4. Hi Olaf, The payment for your order ------------------- with http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/ has been processed successfully. If you have any problems please contact us by replying to this email Thank you, Land Warrior Airsoft and Hi Olaf ------------ Thank you for your order, placed on 10 June 2015, 19:43. Your order number is -------------------, and the order status is "Payment Received from Paypal". You will receive a further email when we have fulfilled your order and passed it over to our carriers to be delivered to you. Order Reference: --------------------- Order Status: Payment Received from Paypal We have received payment for your order, and will be processing your order to begin the despatch shortly. Payment Method: PaypalExpress Delivery Method: UPS 20kg max. enough evidence ???
  5. You fuck, why can't you be bit nicer and straight away think I'm on my parents money... The only thing I asked for is if I can play 3 games in 1 or 2 weeks period is it really that hard to answer withou mentioning parents money. Thanks for very inviting way of speaking to a newbie...
  6. Can I play the games 3 days in a row and will they give lend me a gun ?
  7. 3 different sites and 3 games is that right ?
  8. Yea but now I already bought it as the website didn't ask me for the UKARA before shipping. I knew about it, but I thought they will paint it or something. I will still paint the gun at home and it will be 2 tone. I just need a fricking number ;(
  9. Hello, I bought a gun M4 and the website when I proceed didn't require a UKARA licence... My request to everyone in here with a valid UKARA licence is that can I please, please, please borrow a number so it can be delivered to me and I don't have to cancel my purchase. I always been a fan of paintballing and airsoft guns and had a few when I was younger, but they didn't require UKARA. I really respect your hobby/spassion and the sport and want to become one of you ;]. I will not misuse the gun either the number because like I said before I value your interests and time you put into this sport. The reason I don't have UKARA is that I'm 9 days away from my 18th birthsday and don't want my parents to get the UKARA licence themselves as it's a long process. I will definatelly get UKARA as soon as possible when I turn 18, but for now I want to buy a gun as it's a good price and want to finally have some serious BB in my hands that with all the honesty will be safe. If anyone is willing to borrow me their licence number please send me private message and I will really appreciate your help. Thank you ;] Olaf
  10. I'm actually new to the entire airsoft world and I bought a M4 War Rifle AEG and want to bring the FPS and the range up a little bit but I don't know what to add to the gun like gearbox, motor, spring, battery etc. So please what is the best way to improve the gun ;]
  11. for range and speed of the bb or is there something other to improve it?
  12. would you recommend any gearbox better than the stock one in M4 War rifle AEG ??? to get the gun to +400fps
  13. so the appropriate battery needs to be suit the gearbox right ? so If I wanted to upgrade my gearbox then I need different battery (stronger) ??
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