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  1. Tmisfud31

    Tm glock

    Do going to be picking one up. Anything I should know about it before I buy it? The goods the bads? If it even worth picking up or should I get a different one?(tm pistol that is)
  2. As long as the trigger response is good I'm all in lol! I would replace the motor as soon As I get it and get a spectre MOSFET ASAP.
  3. So like what would the aeg equivelent be? Like 13:1 gear a on an 11.1 or something like that.
  4. If anyone can comment on the trigger response of the recoil shocks, that would be great.
  5. Maybe. Not sure. Gbbrs need a lot of maitnence and they don't perform as well By ways to make the gun better what would need to be done?
  6. I thought tm hop ups were good? Like very good. Don't mind low fps due to playing cqb. And I can make it higher anyways. What would you recommend instead?
  7. Just want to make sure that the performance and trigger response is worth the price tag: The features are awesome I just don't know if the performance is there and if it is worth it?
  8. Anyone else have their opinions on the recoil shock system vs a regular aeg?
  9. Dsg = dual sector gear. Yeah it's a problem with many guns. Anyways will maybe pick one up. They look pretty darn cool and feel cool apparently, and I could upgrade i so that's a +. Accuracy is probably Better then any other stock gun I've heard.
  10. I would be selling my dsg m4 for this anyways so would it be worth it?
  11. Ah ok. So you can shoot it as fast as you can pull the trigger? Or does it like lock up?
  12. I hear the scar isn't as nice as the 416. Is the bolt catch on the 416 about were a scar one is? I have a scar and I can do it on the scar. How's the trigger response on a stock recoil shock?
  13. Well I mean you can't upgrade a gun to have recoil or bolt release and catch. Anyways. I was looking at the 416 specifically and I like to play lefty a lot. I was just wondering if this is possible. Thanks for the help mate
  14. How's the performance? Is it comparable to a systema? I hear they are the best performing for their price point?
  15. Sup guys I'm in the market for a new gat and was looking at recoil shocks. Was wondering if they are worth the price cause they cost a lot.
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