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  1. Cheers guys, I have tried three different barrels, the original, a spare from a friend and also the tightbore I have fitted, all 229mm long. Will see if 0.25's make a difference though.
  2. Hello all, I have had my Tm mp5 for a few months. I bought it used with a cracked gearbox (cheap). I have since rebuilt this into a new case with uprated piston,bearings M100 spring, correct ported cylinder etc etc. It now fires at a nice consistent 340 fps. It's never seemed to fire in a very consistent or straight line and the range is very poor. I have now replaced the hop chamber wit a new tm one, also a new firefly rubber and zci tightbore. Still has the same issue though which is confusing as pretty much everything's been changed.... Also tried with various brand .2 bb's Any advice would ne welcome as I am most confusalled.
  3. Too heavy, Actually thinking of getting a polymer gun instead because I am that lazy 😊
  4. Don't worry, it made me imagine a drunk Yoda for a few minutes which to be fair was the highlight of my day 😉
  5. Think that was more Yoda to be honest!Although bet he would lend someone some bb's Maybe you could hold his lightsabre? 😉
  6. Yep buy it makes it a pain in the arse if you need to take the motor out to fix something mid game! But I've done it in a pinch to get something working.
  7. Yep I'd always hold onto someone's gun for them. It's a good excuse to have a good play with it and compare the feel to my own. It also allows me to make innuendo jokes with a complete stranger which is possibly one of my favourite pastimes 😁
  8. For under a tenner you could get a soldering iron decent enough to fit some deans. Soldering's actually quite fun once you get the hang of it. There's loads of tutorials online and it means you can do all sorts of other jobs too!!
  9. Always happy to give out bb's. The more people still in the game the more fun. Plus I probably drop more on the floor or waste them testing random mods than I give to anybody anyway. 😁
  10. Do what I did. Spend all your money on ponies for the wife and kids. Now I have a large field to check the range on my rifs in.😁 Although this may not be the best idea as now I have no free cash for airsoft toys and seem to spend most Sundays running them around to do horsey stuff 😞 ...... ...... Yep defiantly don't do this!!
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