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    DPM Soldier 95 - styled to be like SAS
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  1. I understand what you mean - I'm sure having a print off of this might help my case!
  2. Quick update: I located an old hi-vis bump cap, and added a velcro patch to the front of the cap. The bump shell is removerable so that a foldable cap can also be obtained (thinking of buying a black one too) I've also ordered: x1 flameproof coverall x1 pair of Hiatt speed cuffs 1m meter of hi-vis checkered tape to complete the cap x1 M88 helmet replica x1 SAS style balaclava
  3. Hi guys, what are your opinions on a met police inspired loadout? Came across an old ballistic vest cover and a couple of met police patches - inspired me to create a new load out! Do you feel it is okay to use the met police patches if I'm only playing on sites? I have some rubber foam compound so am using that to make dummy ballistic plates, and im sure i hve an old two-way and ear piece somewhere... Also, if any of you have already created a similar loadout, can you please post your pics to give me inspiration! Below are a few pics of the different loadouts I'm going for! Im thinking of going for a less bulky loadout, and am not buying all the belt and leg hosters - ifni can find some Hiatt's cheap, I might get them to attach to the vest. Anyway, any info or ideas appreciated - might make a start tonight =D
  4. Hmmmmmm. Difficult one to find!

  5. Link: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=321740727344
  6. Purchased these as a starter goggle. Been hit a few times but they haven't broken... ...yet (would recommend clear goggles as I keep falling over tree roots where I can't see them 😂😂
  7. sorry

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  8. I apologise for lifting the photograph of the antiterrorism SAS uniform. In regards to the DPM lpadput, it is a copy of the uniform Ross Kemp wears in the ITV drama Ultimate Force. I once again appologose for my earlier bullsh*tting - I guess I'm a fantacost =\ Sorry
  9. Couldn't see it in the loft, but here is and old picture of it from a year or two ago.
  10. Yeah sure, I haven't used it in a long time, an I think it's in the loft but I'll dig out an old picture for you tomorrow. What's your load out?
  11. Smock was given to me by a relative who servedv with the SAS during the Falklands war. Shirt was bought off eBay as ex-sas, trousers were bought as new. Rank sliders were with the UKSF boonie purchased, and the haver sack dates back to WW2, but probably just standard issue. What are your guys loadouts like?
  12. This is my SAS Soldier 95 DPM load out complete with Haversack. Looking for another S10 respirator and dpm vest now to complete this one! Let's see your SAS inspired loadouts and clothing then!
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