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  1. That's a month before the IGG campaign even finishes, we aren't placing our order with the factory until the second week of July.
  2. You should get an extra one for target practice
  3. There isn't one.. He needs to get an M80 spring to use it but as it was running hot we decided to use it.. You can see the BB's exploding lol
  4. New Video for you guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYm0f5Atjxg
  5. We're doing another video tomorrow so you'll have to watch out for that....
  6. Here is a quick link to both our Facebook page and the INDIEGOGO website. http://mas-g.molyneux.systems
  7. Ok guys... So we've posted a video now of it getting abused.... Hopefully this is enough to make everyone happy, now we can get back to work https://www.facebook.com/molyneux.systems
  8. Yes it would reduce battery life massively but we are thinking just a quick pulse for realism and low level lighting to see ahead if used in that mode.
  9. 54% funded and still only day 4 of 60, it's amazing the support and feedback we're getting already. In just a few days we've already made some changes thanks to input from backers and we are looking at different suggestions like an LED base to light up a room.
  10. Yes, We'd accidentally left a long 'd' (detonate) flash loop in there from when we were writing the routines, we forgot to reduce that before doing the video. And it was 1.2 seconds lol
  11. Yes, there is a serial number on the side of the 7 Segment display unique to that grenade. That's around the same as the others but.. Are the others a Tilt Mine, Trip Mine, Settable countdown grenade and Impact grenade... Also, can you set them off with a RIS mounted IR laser (Not really a Laser but focused IR LED with about 75m range) The answer is of course no... You're not getting the same thing at all here. We can include this as an option in the extended setup menu.
  12. And to be fair, you could actually set it while everyone was getting in position to take the room. I see people stood holding grenades all the time waiting for everyone else.
  13. Never mind Sacarathe, At least you get to pay less for the shipping!
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