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  1. Yeah just the same on diffrent mags
  2. Unsure bud its usually sitting just in front of the next bb but if It only happens sometimes most of the time like 96% of the time if I cock it manually it loads no probs
  3. Hi everyone I posted this in guns and gear but no one has been able to help so thought I would try here so sorry for the repost 😁 I have a we hi capa 5.1 I hadn't used it in a long time but always had issues to be honest I've gave the gun a good clean and oil but for some reason I can't shoot anymore than one round without having too manually pull the slide back. The slide seems as if it kicks back enough to load the next round plus seems to move freely and does kick hammer back I have Cleaned Tried diffrent mags And watched countless YouTube vids And searched the web endlessly but can't find out what's wrong I was thinking of buying new Springs Feeder Piston Any advice is VERY appreciated Thanks and have a good one people😜
  4. I have an m4 with m203 an does add a lot of weight to it but looks really cool Imo
  5. Ive been to section 8 and the fort ive never done CQB but absolutely going to be doing them look fantastic fun lol
  6. Planing To make it my first stop next month when I get my kit in order need to get new battery etc and trying to fix my side arm ive played there before cant wait to get back into it again
  7. Hi there everyone im just new the forum and just going to start going back to airsoft after a 10 year gap I got my guns out and gave them a good clean but ive been having problems with my hi capa when I fire the gun I only seem to get the first round unless I physiclly pull the slide back it feels and looks as if it kicks back enough when firing that it should load the next round so I think it maybe the feeder but unsure Has anyone ever experienced similar problems And could anyone recomend a Piston / feeder / spring upgrade kit
  8. Hi everyone I'm from Scotland I use to play airsoft about 10 years ago and after all that time I'm getting a severe itch to play again got my old guns out gave them a polish up ( not to many cob webs lol )
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