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  1. Like the rails, the nozzle all the stuff you need to lube all the time.
  2. I ment this oil -http://www.airsoft-innovations.com/products/premium-gbb-oil It comes with the propane adapter.
  3. Is it ok to use for lubing up gbbps?
  4. It will fit the e2 correct? I didn't state I own an e2 in the original post
  5. Ok thanks for the help. I actually already owned this.
  6. So I want. A sai p226 and I found this : http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/prime-sai-mk25-conversion-kit-for-marui-p226e2-gbb-matte-black.html#.VTmF_Nm9LCT It clearly says it is made for the e2 but, I read somewhere that it is only for the r... Any how have any input?
  7. I think they are. Lol. They cost like 1/2 of what the ones I want. The one I'm gonna get is gonna come with a mbk.
  8. Aren't the magna techs the budget lines lol.
  9. Its kind of Biased, the way this is going. All I see under Guns: IS TM stuff, Im mainly asking people who have had BOTH who can give me their opinion. Its human nature to think what one person has is the best.
  10. Ok, still many people say they are on par if not better. Not saying this is true, ive been told this. Some parts are compatabile as well. I also hear WA plastic is more durable, as well as the internals.
  11. People say that TM HI capa > WA HI CAPA but, people say WA 1911>TM1911. People say that the WA are just more durable. Parts arent that hard to find, most people that have them arent retailers, they are private sellers. Retailers have alot of OEM parts though.
  12. I know a couple of guys with a whole load of parts for them. And magazines as well.
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