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  1. See thats what I was thinking, the JACK is basically the same as the SMP but with a lower price and more customisation, however maintenance etc is still easier on the SMP. Anyway, thanks for your help, I may wait until more in depth reviews come out for the JACK (if they do come out)
  2. Sorry I should have posted this in the first place! Here's what I will be getting for the L85: http://www.bingoairsoftworks.com/ics-l85l86-hpa-engine-gearbox-replacement-kit/ It replaces the gearbox completely, and the fella is builidng it with the JACK, SMP or HYDRA, however of the three the JACK is being sold for the least. HYDRA and SMP are going for the exact same price apparently once the HYDRA comes into stock... So would you still advise on the SMP? Also, thank you for your response
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to convert my ICS L85 to HPA and these are my three options, anyone have any advice as I don't quite know which would be better. From what I can see, I can get the JACK for less momey than the SMP or HYDRA, however the SMP seems easier to control and better to adjust, and the HYDRA is just an updated version of that... So, does anyone know which would be the best option? Thanks!
  4. Too small? That is a suprise actually... Although it is very thin? I might see if I could modify it, ofcourse By the looks of it the fibre optic fromt sight appears to be too high for a doctor sight to work with anyway, so back up iron sights it is Not a problem, as long as it isn't a holographic type reticle, then I'm quite happy to go ahead with it
  5. I suppose a dr mount like this is too big? Alright, I can live with those small problems! I can get those batteries in packs of 6 in the pound shop of I find myself using the illuminated reticle often It can be used without illumimation though can't it?
  6. Hmm, and it certainly doesn't look half bad, Thanks again good sir!
  7. I had actually been looking at one of them originally, however I couldn't find a review on it anywhere and for something that looked so unique I thought I'd steer clear... However if you can vouch for it then I'll certainly give it a go, I do quite like the look of it! I've already got a ris raiser, can't see a thing without one on an L85 haha Thanks very much sp00n
  8. Well if it's lasted two years and still works alright then it should be good for £75. (Although knowing my luck it'll be £45 for postage or something stupid like that) I tend to use a lens protector just, although for something like this I may look into the kill flash... Just to be extra safe
  9. The G&P one is only £75, it seems to get good reviews and it looks like it is much better quality! Personally, I quite like the red dot, however I have an element one I put on my current acog, so I can just swap it round. Thanks very much, I think this is exactly what I was looking for
  10. Well something which has been made with a higher standard of quality control, something clear and isn't lopsided, good materials that won't be damaged too easily. The one I have is angled in a strange way, the internal reticle is twisted to the right, anytime it's hit by a bb or if it is dropped the metal on it ends up looking like the T-1000 anytime it's shot at - so Ideally I just want a new sight that will rectify these issues
  11. Hello everyone, I'm looking to replace my own acog with a better one - I got mine very cheap on ebay and whilst I love it, it does need upgraded. Can anyone recommend a decent airsoft acog sight? Is the we tech version any good? Here's the link: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft/we-wecog-4x32-dr-acog-sight.htm#.VY6uXHCkqrU It might be a contender unless anyone says otherwise Thanks!
  12. Sorry I didn't even know you were all replying to this! But thank you all for your responses, I just figured I'd get another view on it just to save me having to buy a new butt plate if it does mess things up but yeah I may use the issue sling or none at all, I'll see which I decide on Sunday. Whilst the functionality of the issue sling is good and allows for quick transitions I just don't find it comfortable and I'm also the type of person who ditches my primary as I take out my pistol, so the 3 point sling seems like a bit of a hassle there too! If I could work out a quick detach system for the issue sling I think I would like it more. I'm pretty sure I've seen someone with a QD sling during my time with cadets, so it should be possible Nonetheless, thanks for sharing your views on it everyone
  13. Kurt the idea of the tailored yourube videos is a pretty good idea, but it would require them to inform me in detail of everything that's wrong, and if they're good enough to tell me that in detail then do they need me to make a video for them? Although it coukd work for minor things like "How do I change the hammer unit in my we g17?" I could definitely do stuff like that even now on a tailored video, so perhaps you idea is much better than I first thought... Thank you! And damn I just got a mental image of that... I never wanted to see a fat hairy bloke with his gearbox out! Okay gingerbreadman... With regards to the different gearboxes I have that sorted, I have 4 at the moment which I ise however for custom parts I could maybe use a cheap 3D print model of the custom part they want and install it? I mean I won't use the part myself so it does need to be the genuine piece, however that opens a whole other can of worms!
  14. don't worry about it, you do have a lot of experience, and it is something you should play up to a degree in a situation like this, makes you seem like a more reliable source than say some 12 year old with zero experience claiming to be a god with tech work, so yeah don't worry about it Yeah I know what you mean about people not listening, I suppose with some airsofters they just don't care as long as it shoots and have no interest in doing anything themselves. Or I could just picture someone decide they know better over the skype call and pull something out and then the anti-reversal latch goes flying off never to be seen again It's a shame, earlier today I was really enjoying my idea, now I've been brought back to reality a bit! It would need to have a set up before the call even starts, things like trays to keep small parts or other wee things to make life easier, I can't really see anyone putting any effort in before the session starts if I'm honest... Regardless, thanks to everyone who has replied so far!
  15. Dave that's a very good response and I see perfeclty what you mean. You've made a very good point thank you! Just to clarify I don't intend on doing this anytime soon, only once I am much more confident in my own ability to do it, currently yeah I am fairly competent with a few pistols, aegs and gbbrs but definitely don't know everything, I'm still learning to do it all. I think starting on the ICS L85 was a great start if I'm honest, currently I'm applying my knowledge of that into other guns as I work through them. But of course the only reason why I know my ICS L85 so well is because all three techs I took it to didn't fix my issues, one even made it worse and charged me £40 for doing so... I then had to rely on airsoft eds videos and a lot of frustration to carefully disassemble it to work out what the techs couldn't (with some messages from ed also). Now please don't think I'm arguing with you, it's just stuff like that is going to happen anywhere, y'know? So I ended up paying for two techs (the first of the three pulled my trigger and said he had no clue what was wrong and didn't have the time to look inside, so didn't charge me which is fair enough), several unneeded parts and also money for time, and then I still had to go elsewhere and buy parts to fix the problems that they should have fixed Of course writing that out helps me realise what you are putting across, if the professionals can't fix everything in person then how could I manage it over camera? Honestly, I don't know, but I'm going to keep toying with the idea, it might work out in the end, once I am fully confident and know the various origins of majority of issues (willingness to learn will also help even if it does go ahead!) Well, Dave you've given me more to think about, so thank you very much again, I really appreciate it Perhaps it would work just to help change out some parts, make upgrades etc? Something more serious then I could reccomened a decent tech to actually let them get their hands on it, or even if they could I would have a look in person. I don't know, so many variables, but I'll work them out and see if it's worth going ahead. ALSO, I was only intending on taking donations? If that soudns appropriate, I'm more doing it to help, not really interested in making a massiv worofit from it, it's a hobby at the end of the day, something I enjoy and would be more than happy sharing
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