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  1. Walked round a corner one time, only to find a bloke there with a shotgun. Took a few BB's to the hand from about 3ft resulting in a golf ball sized knuckle for a week. Lesson learned,got some nice gloves after that
  2. For the sake of £20 I think I'd replace them. I've had some near misses with my eyes at work and lesson learned, but the thought of taking a bb to the eye scares the s**t out of me.
  3. Since it's from Poland,TG just charge a flat shipping rate (10 euros I think). And you don't need to pay any customs charges since it's in the EU. What you pay Taiwan gun is everything
  4. Just bought an ARES 'honey badger', which i got with a scope and torch/laser combo. So the flip up sights were very quickly removed so i could fit them I'm hoping to try it out at the Gaol this sunday (24th). So if you see a guy in black using it come and say hi
  5. Thanks for the suggestions,i'll check them out. And the split design box too,i've seen it being sold i'll see how much disassembly is required.
  6. So, as i'm not very clued up with the disassembly and resassembly of AEG's, the quick spring change system is quite appealing. The only gun i know of with the feature is the ARES honey badger which doesn't seem to be rated too highly for some reason. Can anyone list a few other guns they know of with this kind of design?
  7. Why the dislike of ARES guns? I held the honey badger in my local shop,and honestly it felt great. Solid but not too heavy,nice firing position and the quick change spring is great. What makes the internals bad? Not a pop at anyone by the way,i genuinely don't know.
  8. As above,TG are excellent. I can't think of a reason not to buy from them!
  9. Sorry i see how that read. Can you cut the plug on your AEG and join a new connector to it,to use the different style battery?
  10. And it's as simple as cutting the Nimh connector off and soldering a Lipo connector onto the existing wires?
  11. In theory,if you were on Semi fire only,would NiMH/LiPo still have a different trigger response?
  12. Thanks for all the advice/opinions! I'll have a look at the TRMR and ohshibooms.
  13. That's why i figured something that didn't rely on impact would be better,though i have seen how well impact grenades work inside.
  14. I was looking at getting a BFG since i play Cqb mostly. Does anyone have any experience with this particular model,or suggest a better one that they've used? I like the look of the rubber outer, but it would help if it's reliable too. http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/gun.asp?page=bfg
  15. I think it would be cool to have a purpose built area like that. But i hope whoever buys it leaves it as it is,i like seeing historical things being preserved.
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