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  1. And Startrek phaser rifle would be amazeballs
  2. Have been thinking a Scorpion but i have decided to go for a folding stock short barrelled AK )))) from Taiwan gun lol I think but then I love looking at the advice on here it is really supporting my advice ))
  3. Yeah this is very similar to the Ris I have on my G&G solid stock the RK104 Evo version
  4. Hey all thanks for the advice the CYMA AK could be a good idea I already have an AK but its a very solid bit of kit maybe I could stick with the AK idea
  5. New Weapon

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    2. bowkanehall


      Hmmmm very serious about wording but all depends how you look at things though no? a toy (pogo stick for example) could be used to bludgeon someone to death so would be called a murder weapon lol so all is simply perception

    3. bowkanehall


      No new "toy gun" yet im looking into getting one leaning towards CYMA AK74U possibly

    4. cyrexx


      If you can save up go for the E&L AK74U, amazing build quality and performance. Got to play with one and was very impressed.

  6. Hi All, I am looking to get myself a new CQB setup Short rifle with ample opportunity for upgrade/modification I am looking to spend in the region of £200 on the weapon I have been looking at various M4 style frames but am not sure if this is easiest to Upgrade/Mod and also has most amount of available things to add to it (Mags, sights Etc etc) Also I am looking to stick to around 330 - 340fps and will be getting a speed upgrade on this HELP Please.....
  7. Looks like custom work is needed as I love the gun Thanks for all the help and advice though Lozart
  8. Oh I will look into the school that sounds fun
  9. Epsom - Tunnels good site for CQB very close but not as close as Bunker 51 they do an all day event on sundays and a night and a mid week game for a half day evening event
  10. I took it back to the Shop I bought it from and got them to measure they said 20mm
  11. Thanks for that will try and see if they can help my main problem is the tracer unit not fitting I have some custom ideas but not sure if they will ruin the rifle annoying but I do love my baby lol
  12. hey all, I really hope someone can help me out I need to get a thread adapter for my AK it currently has a 20mm thread and I need to bring it down to 14mm I have already taken off the 20mm thread and found that underneath it has a straight barrel no 14mm thread like I have seen some suggest Please help I cant find a thread adapter anywhere and need to get one before I go out to Dragons lair on the 22nd of this month Any help appreciated
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