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  1. It'd be via Airmail Unfortunately I can't get them ordered separately though but thank you so much!
  2. Thank you BigBlackGlock, that is also what I was thinking! Thank you! So the upper and lower receiver won't be held by customs until I give them a UKARA number? I thought as much considering it isn't actually a whole gun
  3. Basically as the title says, do you need UKARA to import an upper and lower without internals from outside the UK? I was given a boneyard black WE M4 by a friend who has given up on airsoft (this was quite some time ago). It has a crack in the upper and the lower sustained a bit of a knock after a fall on some stairs. It was just gathering dust in his garage and so he let me have it for nothing (result!) as he knew I wanted to start playing. It still fires perfectly fine but I just don't want a cracked receiver. About a year later, I've decided to fix it up and get to a game. Anyway, I've located a replacement upper and lower outside of the UK that I'd like to buy. Unfortunately they're out of stock in UK retailers after a couple hours of searching. Will importing an upper and lower be an issue without UKARA? I ask as their stock is running low (I contacted the store and they've only got 2 left). As I said, they won't have any internals whatsoever, it's just the body. I'd love to get into some airsoft games but I'd like to use this rifle, I absolutely love it! Thanks guys
  4. Monty suggested an M14 to me a few days ago. Might be worth taking a look at
  5. Not as if I've put this thing through hell and back within the few days I've had it. Believe me, if I didn't have to sell it, I wouldn't. As for the over charging, I did put ONO and I'd be happy to knock the price down if need be. If you read what I said before, I said the price was at that in order to see if anyone would match the kid's offer to me earlier - I didn't even ask for the price he offered. If he eventually doesn't want it, then sure I will knock the price down. But there is no point me putting a lower price whilst this guy may make me an offer. Right now, I need all the money I can get from it. At which point have I said something to become a "bullshitter"? I've stated the reason on here as to why I am really selling it - I'd be an idiot to sell everything at £100. I have made a listing in case someone wants to match an offer, so what?
  6. Oh yeah? Well he wasn't too sure about shipping until he actually went to post it, so I doubt it mate. He then paid extra for more insurance over the standard insurance that you'd get. Not too sure what your problem is with me, but carry on.
  7. You're trying to make me look like a dumbass here or something. The GUN'S price was 165 - which would have then be subjected to an extra £15 on the postage. I asked if he could knock 15 off of the GUN'S price, meaning it'd all total to 165, instead of 180. I did wonder if that price included postage, but it didn't.
  8. I definitely wouldn't complain if someone bought it for £200. But I guess I will have to wait and see
  9. Kid on Facebook offered me £200 earlier, but is skeptical about the whole buying from someone who isn't a big online retailer. So I thought whilst he is thinking that over, why not list it? The gun was 165, he knocked it down to 150, but postage put it back to 165 anyway, for whoever mentioned that. If it doesn't sell or there are no sensible offers, then obviously it'll be put down in price. I just need to get money back because I need to leave the country for a funeral - I am not some dumbass that is just trying to get money back on a gun for no reason. Obviously I am not going to put that on a listing because that is just kind of depressing to see on something like that, so I will be enthusiastic about it and try give a different reason as to why I am selling it - maybe something more common for people. I don't want to sell it, but I kind of have to, amongst other things. But there is no I am selling it for £100 - I am sure that somebody will come along sometime soon. Maybe not for £180, but not as low as just £100. In the mean time, I will attempt to get potential buyers for parts - whilst keeping this guy who may buy the gun in mind - but until then, I will keep it listed. If he does say no, then I will put the price down, but for now, I will wait unless someone matches (or near enough) his offer which is what that listing is for. I don't expect it to sell at that price. People told me my transparent stock G36C wouldn't sell at my asking price of £100, but that sold too for more than I even asked. But hey, go on as you will.
  10. The G&G CM16 is pretty much the go-to starter weapon. It is a great gun, doesn't feel like a toys-r-us gun at all. Very reliable and easily customisable - it is definitely a weapon you should consider getting.
  11. Nah I am not expecting to get the full price of them, but I also don't want them to be totally worthless. Will have a look about and see if there is any interest Thanks
  12. Right so I've got this gas mask here and I didn't think anything of it until I actually sat down to have a look at it. Turns out that it is a 1986 model - 1986 being the first year it was issued. They've all got the year that they were made on them as part of the design. It came from an RAF store room. I tried to find some online to get some kind of price, but the only ones being sold are ones from years later. Surely it'd be worth a bit more to some kind of collector of such items? It has no damage on it either. If anyone has any knowledge on this kind of stuff and happens to be a gas mask extraordinaire, then I'd be grateful to hear it. Not expecting it to be massively expensive but I hope it holds a little more value. Thanks
  13. Ah it wasn't actually meant for this gun. The guy was selling his collection, but these were parts that were just left over an so included them. I decided to take the stock and handguard down to an airsoft store and they also said they're the real ones - I tried selling them but they don't do that kind of stuff unfortunately.
  14. Funnily enough, first status I saw after this was someone divided between 2 'fancy' stocks. But I do agree with your point
  15. Isn't that kind of a two way thing though? In order to buy, you need someone to sell it. Either way, without UKARA or a site defense, it'd be an illegal transaction.
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