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  1. Looking for KWC uzi parts! Shoot me a PM if there are any spares going 

  2. Looking to shift a few guns. Various ones available and for reasonable prices. If you're interested, shoot us a message

  3. A little off topic but for this year for my electrical engineering college course we need to produce a project. This can be something entirely new or an improvement on an existing item. If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      CSGO-style kill counter? one screw adds a number, one subtracts?

    2. Jason8


      How about the anatomy of an airsoft gun's electrical side, best of both worlds.

  4. Anyone know what the deal is with using co2 guns at sites?

    1. Airsoft-Ed


      Depends on the site.

      Generally if it's within the site limits there'll rarely be any issue these days.


      But some places just have blanket bans on CO2 guns because the people behind the rules live in the dark ages of science still.

    2. James Flynn

      James Flynn

      Ahh ok seems fair enough, Cheers

    3. Cheeserush


      All the sites I have played at is 350fps for co2 guns

  5. Personally, I don't have any experience with that particular pistol but with proper care it should last you a lot longer than half a year, especially as you're only using it to plink targets. As for treating the gun, I found the manual for it online. There is a page on disassembly, hop up adjustment and lubrication. The only thing i can add is to not use any lubricant/oil that will degrade rubber because if it gets on the hop up rubber or any other seals it will ruin the gun. Hope this helps The manual - http://www.greekairsoft.gr/manuals/manual.asp?Manufacturer=UMAREX&Filename=UMAREX+Walther+P38+Gas+Pistol+Manual%2Epdf
  6. Hi all I own a WE m92 (the new generation one) an I've heard that it was a clone of the TM counterpart. Does anyone know if the internal parts are 100% compatible? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Just bought myself one of G&G's revolvers, cracking little gun but does anyone know where I can get some extra shells for it? A quick Google search hasn't provided me with anything useful. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Try ehobbyasia. Get my spared from there. Really depends on the model though...

  8. Hi all I've got a cybergun SAR-10 (I'm pretty sure its another TM clone) and it runs off a co2 capsule that's placed into the blot itself. My question to all of the VSR lovers out there is weather or not I can just drop in a spring bolt so it becomes site legal (the box claims roughly 600 fps!!) my second question is where do I get a full spring bolt set (or if they even exist) Thanks!
  9. Hi all I have recently been tempted to dive into the vast and mysterious world of gas blow back sub machine guns. I am looking for a decent starter and I don't want to have to sell my kidneys to buy it. i have stumbled across the WE smg 8 and I wanted to ask if it is a decent first gbb smg or not as I have heard mixed reviews. Cheers!
  10. Just got myself my first job!! One massive step closer to my scorpion evo :D

    1. PT247
    2. Avionyx


      Congratulations James!

      Welcome to real life.

    3. Rock-climby-Dave


      Well done man. My first was a paper round that lasted 2 weeks. never had an interview for my current job :P


      What're you doing?

  11. Me and my dad do some work at a museum on an RAF base and they have loads of guns on display but some are missing or too damaged to display. Everyone was talking about buying deactivated ones but the costs would be way too high so I suggested using airsoft guns, obviously you don't want to put two tone guns on display so my question is how do you prove that you work for a museum when you go to purchase a RIF? thanks in advance
  12. Does anyone have any experience with using evike? like how long does shipping take/cost and if you have to pay import charges? thanks in advance.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lozart


      Yes you will have to pay import duty. As the import duty is calculated on the item cost INCLUDING shipping and insurance, added to Evikes horrific shipping costs you WILL pay a lot of it too.


      What are you trying to buy?

    3. Russe11


      Evike are okay. They know about UKARA and will even 2 tone if necessary. Delivery is not fast but is reasonable and you get tracking numbers. Expect to pay an additional 20% tax plus £8 handling charge.


    4. Lozart


      Tax is 20% but that's on top of import duty as well which will depend on what you're bringing in. £8 seems low for a handling fee. If Royal Mail get involved it'll be more like £13, if it's UPS then it could be more.

  13. Don't suppose anyone knows where you can get hold of a we m92 slide?

    1. Mr Monkey Nuts

      Mr Monkey Nuts

      on the top usually

    2. Lozart


      ehobbyasia would probably be a good place to try.


  14. I was starting to think kharma was the problem the motor spins freely when its out of the gun and I'm pretty sure about the polarity. oh well I'll take it to tuddenham and see what their tech can do.
  15. Hey all I own an ares L1A1 slr and it does not want to work. the problem is that whenever I pull the trigger the motor kind of jumps? I don't really know how to explain it but 1 can defiantly hear that it wants to spin but there seems to be something stopping it from turning the gears. If anyone has had this issue, or similar, any help is greatly appriciated.
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