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  1. Thanks all, I'll look into ASG, TM and WE pistols.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I'll look into WE and TM. Thank you.
  3. I'm lookin at spending about £120-£150 when I want to get a pistol but I'm unsure of what pistol to get as I'm after accuracy and decent FPS. I've heard TM are good and ASG but wouldn't mind other people's opinions on a good pistol manufacture. Thanks.
  4. Played here on Sunday 22nd March and it was my first Airsoft day I'd been to as I've just started and I loved it, the site was great and the staff were very friendly and open to talk to. Really enjoyed myself here, will defo be going again!
  5. Not too sure if you can get them in a 5 pack, I bought them in a 10 pack and sold 5 of them on here for £30 and came out with £25 after postage etc. They got suggested to me by someone from this forum but I didn't know about them Med cap ones as my friend just said they work great for him.
  6. These are meant to be coming back into stock soon according to the store, my friend uses these and says they're really good. http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-magazines-c3/mid-standard-capacity-c52/g-g-g-g-120-mid-capacity-magazine-box-of-5-black-gr16-m4-with-420-round-speed-loader-p3436 I have got a CM16 raider and just got the Hi cap mags DYTAC, I got 10 for £58 including deliver and sold half of them as I only wanted 5 and they're really good as well; http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-magazines-c3/high-capacity-c51/dytac-300rds-bravo-magazine-for-m4-aeg-black-box-of-10-p3058
  7. Very good price these! I'm going to get these and sell half of them as I will only want 5 unless my friends rifle that he is getting (New player as well) will also fit these. Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks for the help everyone :-). Appreciate it! :-)
  9. Ye I found some for £73. I didn't get told what cap there were, from research I have seen that hi cap range are better and more reliable. Is that true?
  10. I'm new into Airsoft and come over from paintballing and I've just got a CM16 Raider G&G and I'm looking for some Hi-Cap magazines as I know you only get 1 mag with it. I've been looking everywhere for some and can't seem to find any at a decent price, I've been told you can get sets of 5 for around £40 but everywhere seems to out of stock or not listed. Can someone point me in the right direction please and help me out. Much Appreciated. Thanks.
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