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  1. thanks for the messages everyone i got the gun from fire support its 1 week old , shall call them tommorow and get it sorted , i havent dropped it or banged it in any way etc
  2. hi all just purchased a ICS PAR MK3 does anyone else on here own one of these ? as i would like to know your thoughts and if you have had any issues took mine for its first game on satuarday and it was really good untill i got till the end of the day it was like blank firing no bbs where actually coming out and then all of a sudden they was could this be a mag feeding issue ? also if i was on auto then switched to semi and fired it would fire on auto still but then release the trigger and fire again it would then be semi which i thought was pretty strange another thing was with the electric spring release when put onto safe then switch to semi or auto it will fire one but then spit one ? so not sure if its me doing something or if i have a faulty gun many thanks mike
  3. tbh i have my dream car my toyota supra so would tune it some more as it has the best engine ever made altho if i had to buy a super car i like i would get an aston martin
  4. Did you manage to get any spare mags ? also where did you order the gun / mags from
  5. Are you using gas mags or hpa set up ? Are they simple to set up ? as the videos it seems pretty simple to adjust etc
  6. so whats your reviews on these since you have had them?
  7. Also what brands should i be looking at and what brands should i avoid ?
  8. Ok guys thanks for that taken the info on board Pt427 - i like the look of that where can i purchase that from and look at prices and the spec Also can alot of attacments be added as i see the rail on the top is fine to mount scope etc but will i need to mod the front to add attachments Many thanks guys/girls
  9. hi all thanks for the info license i meant the UKARA so i could purchase my own guns and yeah i know what you mean 30 rounds compared to peoples 450 bb mags but with military experience i would like to keep it abit more realistic and jump into the deep end with airsoft and just get stuck in if something breaks ill take apart and fix it. I know im proberly being ballsy but the best way to learn is to get stuck in i was thinking of getting the WE l85a2 just as thats what i would be drawn to and keep it familiar but..... i want to try something different sitting duck - just checked the link ill have a read thank you PT427 - the tippmann m4 i do really like the look of it and yes i would get a few extra mags as i know there 30 round mags, the co2 is small to carry with me and seems easy enough to swap the mag out and have a quick reload also swapping the co2 cartridge couldn't be made easyer i was debating co2 first for a while and then i would get the HPA tank with line so i could then run compatible mags which could hold the 450bbs if i wanted to the fps process on the tippman seems simple incase i visit other sites which has certain fps limits but..... if its no good from your experiences then so be it id rather spend the money on something decent so i will listen to you all as you have been in the airsoft game and know your stuff if the tippmann is not for me and a cheap but decent electric gun is needed then ill go for that to get started , but if there is a decent pricey gun which is good i want to know iv been slobbering round for the past 4 years as you do when you get conformable in a relationship im unfit and just do my day job but now im on the healthy eating and mega fitness routines again and got my state of mind in play so thought airsoft would make me feel right at home also thank you for my welcome message's everyone maybe will see some of you on a game also any good website links to look at a few choices and purchase from?
  10. hi all im new and need some information im going to be starting airsoft with a friend of mine we are going to ultimatewargames.co.uk and using there kit while we play until i get my license to purchase my own equipment now then the question is electric or GBB ? i have been doing research and im liking the tippmann m4 at the moment i know there top of the game in paintball guns and now have moved to airsoft and there product and reviews look very promising now i would like to know what guns you have your self ? electric or gbb and are they reliable easy to mod and have you had any problems with them hope i can get some good information of you guys/girls Many Thanks Mike
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