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  1. Looking at the back of the single, I'm not sure that will fit in a MOLLE rig... I may be wrong!
  2. I recently bought a G36C but didn't quite have time to buy new pouches. I run Flecktarn camo and I'm planning to change my rig to Flecktarn from black, however I seem to be having trouble finding MOLLE Flecktarn G36 pouches, preferably not with velcro flaps. Anyone know where I might find some?
    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Mars bars & drinks to keep you hydrated ???

    2. Ashilta


      Midget gems fit sugar, free water all day at site. Forgot my waterproofs though

  3. Possibly more the milsim element, although I did hear of one site that banned them for hit taking as you say.
  4. I researched the programming and it's true to say that if I re-program it then it works fine... Until I next set 'safe' for more than a few moments. Basically means taking the hand-guard off, disconnecting the battery, connecting and re-programming every game. Very tiresome.
  5. Let's just assume that it cost me nothing
  6. But not what you think! I have in my possession a Magpul PTS CQB MOE M4. For short, I will call this 'my M4'. My M4 is pretty useless. It has a wobbly stock. It has something that I think is called an ASCU in it. Said ASCU is buggered, such that full auto isn't really full auto. I have to set the fire selector to full auto, pull the trigger a few times, then begin to slowly rotate the fire selector back to single until a round randomly fires itself, at which point I know that if I leave the fire selector there full auto works. Now, call me old fashioned but that seems pretty stupid. The thing also has next to no range and, well, I'm just pretty unimpressed with it. So, my options are: 1) Learn VERY quickly how to 'repair' the damn thing before I launch it from a very high window. 2) Pay someone else to see if it is even reparable 3) Buy a new rifle Thoughts on each appreciated!
  7. No visible representation of damage whatsoever. I think I'll be OK for now but thanks for the input team!
  8. ... But then I took a BB to the goggles. There appears to be no obvious damage and the shot was at some range, however is it the case as with cycle helmets and the like that on taking a hit I should consider replacing my goggles?
  9. In true 'Generation Game' style: A battery A charger Some flecktarn trousers A holster that doesn't take my pistol A holster that does take my pistol Some pistol Magazine holster type things A MOLLE mount for the holster
  10. A sour topic for me... I have a WE 226. I've started badly already, haven't I? I have a drop leg holster which is fabric and so I'm not a fan of it. What I'm looking for is a 'hard' holster which I want to chest mount. Now, I know that WE make their own holster but I don't know if it can be MOLLE mounted. I am also informed that certain Blackhawk holsters can take the WE 226, but haven't had this confirmed. Any advice please?
  11. And THAT is how you listen to advice. Applause.
  12. Ahoy! So I've been playing for a little over a month now and have a good few games under my belt using a G&P Magpul PTS CQB MOE (MOAR TLA)... I've found a couple of issues. Ammo Using .2's just isn't doing me any favours. They're fine in still wind, but playing yesterday in Bristol the wind dared to pick up slightly and I couldn't hit a cow in the arse with a shovel... Well I could but you catch my drift. So, the natural conclusion seems to be to upgrade to .25's - is there a 'better' brand, or are .25's generally .25's? Is there value in buying biodegradable BBs or just stick with the norm? Can I even stretch to using .28's? I was given some as a replacement for someone that borrowed a pistol mag and needles to say, the next time I drew my P226 the range increase was phenomenal! Batteries I currently have a single 9.9v 100mAh LiFe Vapex battery which performs... Variably, let's say. The first game I played, a charge would last about 2/3 a day. Now, only a month later, it needs recharging every couple of games. I definitely feel I need another battery, but whether or not this is 'extra' or a replacement is TBD. 9.9v seems to be a really odd voltage and I'm also constrained on size (the battery is stored in the foregrip; not great when it's raining...). The biggest problem I think I'll have is I don't know what the component parts are in the M4, and so I don't know if I can go to a higher voltage battery. Any advice in this area would be greatly appreciated! Moving on So, predictably, having caught the bug, I'm planning my next purchase. I'm eager to steer clear of the M4 'norm' because, well, they're not my favourite rifle in the world. I'm keen on an Sig 55x or a G36/39, but my concern would be finding compatible innards for upgrades/replacements over time. The M4 market seems to dominate; is this a misheld belief or would I actually struggle? Cheers!
  13. I think all but two occasions that I got shot on my first day (I got shot a LOT) I took hits to the face. Like Ed - it happens, I know the risks, I'll take the chance. I hope this chap knew the risks as well and won't be trying to blame anyone but himself for what's happened.
  14. Hullo team! I'm a new airsofter and have taken ownership of a Tokyo Marui 5-7 as one of my first weapons. Now, I've done some reading and can't find anything definitive, however the previous owner of the 5-7 has basically said I can only use 'low powered' green gas. Others are telling me that red gas should be fine, and some reviews/articles I've read have basically said use what you like. Is there a definitive measure of what I can and can't use, or is there anyone on here with experience of using different types of Gas? Thanks in advance, Ash
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