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  1. Hello everyone, I have a G and G TR4 CQB-R, I was wondering what inner barrels will fit and how hard they are to fit also? Thanks Harry
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to the sport and am looking and getting myself some pyro, I have played a few games and have found that impact grenades seem very good for my local site. I know they are reusable but have looked on the net and it's all a tad confusing as to what i need to get started, E.g gas, primers.... How does it all work? I have no idea! Thanks everyone Harry
  3. I'm also planning on going to that game, The Thursday night one. Need a wing man ?
  4. Thanks everyone, the P-mags I have you have to fill up with a loader and only hold about 40bb's.
  5. Hello everyone, I am quite new to this as you will probably be able to tell after reading these questions.... 1. What is the avantage of P-mags? 2. Is it best to leave my lipo battery connected to the gun when it is not in use? 3. should i leave pistol mags empty or full when not in use? 4. How many shots do you get out of a mag full of gas on a Colt 1991 ? 5. Should you leave rifle mags in the rifle and if so wound or un-wound ? Thanks alot, Harry
  6. Thanks everyone for the great help, I will be playing my first game this Wednesday and then getting a gun on the weekend, It will be an ICS probably the cxp, Also is the cxp part of the M4 family? Thanks Harry
  7. Thanks for the info, my local shop do have all parts in stock for the ics range though.... ?
  8. Well I already have a decent lipo charger, My budget it around £250 for a gun and then leave a bit of money for a flash light and maybe a dot sight..... BB's and another mag?
  9. Brilliant, so you don't think i would be better off spending a tad more money on another manufacturer ? Got to say it seems like a good thing that my local shop stock all the spares for the ICS guns.... I think at the moment (even before you'r post) I was leaning towards the M4
  10. Hello everyone, I am in the process of taking up air soft, I have found my local site and shop. I will mainly be playing close quarter as well as some field games. I've been to my local shop in Portsmouth who mainly stock ics guns. I looked through the range and really liked this http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-tan-metal-cxp-concept-rifle-airsoft-gun-aeg or this http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-plastic-mx5-mp5-a5-including-flashlight-airsoft-gun-aeg I was just wondering what everyone on here though as my opinion is based entirely on looks. I have too wait at least
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