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  1. Mmh, i'm not sure i understand the question x) EDIT after Lozart's answer : Ok, i got it ^^, it's not my guns, the owners of all guns on pictures are the users on the french forum .
  2. I saw a R700 on the french forum i decide to work on it. I decided to use a russian camo too be in theme with the patch
  3. Hey, thanks for your support, i will send you a PM.
  4. It seems what the french is the hardest language to learn, is it right ? And thank you.
  5. Ah, not me , classic version. Mmmh, I will upload new pictures when I will do new works. Edit : If you want more examples, you can visit this page : http://www.france-airsoft.fr/forum/index.php?showtopic=188349 It comes from the french forum.
  6. Ok for gun, it's because law. In France, we have to make the difference between a gun and a replica, it's why we don't use gun. I already have tryed to make what you said, i don't succeed to have the result what i wanted, but i keep using photoshop and i will probably find a technic to succeed that .
  7. Only photoshop, all of these replicas are black utom the scar as i said . It's to difficult to work on an already painted replica (replica or gun ? On the french forum the french translation of gun is banned) because i work on a unique shade and i don't know how remove the actual paintjob .
  8. Thank you. The HK416's owner loves the english country and asked for a UK flag
  9. Hello everyone, Before start, i'm french and i will probably do some english faults . So .. I'm here to help this community if players hesitate to paint theirs replicas. Here you can ask to have a preview, it's not reality i know but it could be helpful for someone . Some examples in pictures : (all replicas are black utom the psycho's scar) You can ask preview on in-game picture too : Requirements to make the request are simple ! -A picture of your replica (my eyes will thank you if you upload a HD picture ) -A pattern of a camo. -Where applicate it. -Which shades. Etc Maybe you want add a logo ? -A picture of a logo. -Where applicate it. Etc Maybe kind of paint ? -borst ? -Airbrush ? -Sponge ? Etc I'm not a professional, just a hobby . PS : I don't know how work with white :S. Thanks for reading ScheaTt
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