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  1. i got a torch and a scarf and got ankle high boots if i use the boots is another question
  2. ah ok may just get a gg from trojan and go there plenty and hope to get a rif and if i ever want a second gun i will get a kwa
  3. ah ok thanks guys may get the anniversary m4 but josh were did you see that kwa would like to see that gun
  4. Hey guys about gun which one would you recommend more i personally prefer longer guns asthetically wise http://www.airsoftworld.net/gandg-combat-machine-raider-black-long.html or http://www.airsoftworld.net/g-g-gc16-30th-anniversary-limited-edition-aeg-airsoft-rifle-black.html yes the second one is cheaper but is it full metal because in its description it says and im looking for metal as i would assume it lasts longer any input? Material: Full metal stamped receiver, Nylon Fibre Polymer Body, Full spec Combat Machine gearbox
  5. Thanks they have no problem with me owning one and i would prefer a rif if i could get one so might go to trojan 3 times show im not a twat and get one from there if they let me and if i cant then two tone which will come with bag face protection and a case for at home as i have little brothers who i dont want poking around it so will be locked up at home and thanks russe i think i may start with the combat machine then jump up one margin then may get it not one of those starting guns you get.
  6. Thanks man really good help im looking into booking next few days for hire gear for 3 times to see if its something i enjoy if it is then i will invest in a gun and other things and i will follow your advice thanks will message you when im going if you want (16 by the way) since youve been airsofting for a long time could you clear something up i know i cant get a ukara since im not 18 but as long as i have a defence as to use it for airsoft would that suffice or would i need two toned?
  7. Thank you have been great help how long have you been airsofting
  8. I should be their soon at the mill i sort of lied in the thing not in manchester do you know of glossop or tintwhistle or hollingworth just really Derbyshire because i only thought people would know Manchester. how do you know the dates of the games the website is very vague
  9. Have you visited any of the trojan sites
  10. I also wondered if anyone knows any uk stores that sell this gun the reason i asked for recommendations because i couldn't find a kwa km4 sr10 which i though was an amazing gun
  11. Where would you recommend buying one from
  12. Hey im looking into starting airsoft will be hiring the first 3 times but then want to buy a gun but i have looked around and not really been able to distinguish which is better than the next so i have a budget of 300 which could include the gun (needs battery included in price) and any money left over on extras im looking for something in the m4 area if any of know any good solid full metal guns to start with out the box which are good would be appreciated.
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