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  1. so impressed by your work, you just seem to get better and better with each piece mate
  2. still new to all this but signed up, it has the potential to become great. its handy to know who you might bump into/shoot on the head....
  3. good to see another player in Essex, hope to get to my first game very soon and agree not everyone here is a chav, although it has more then their fair share lol i moved to Essex 10 years ago and dont regret it
  4. glad to hear you have been sorted, and hope you heal quickly mate
  5. i have gerber and leatherman tools, and gotta say the leatherman wins everytime. i have a wave that i have had for years and is still going strong, and its used everyday
  6. that really does look the nuts, personally i dont like Halo lol. but the paintjob really is awesome. pretty impressed with all the pics i have seen showing the work, its not really a problem waiting a while for such a unique paintjob
  7. i have inserts with ESS ice glasses, but there is a fair gap round the edge. is this an issue or would it be fine? another option for the OP would either be mesh goggles over specs (that most people dont like) or over glasses goggles like bolle pilots i think they are
  8. i have been a lurker on here for a while now, but due to work commitments and health i havent ventured past my garden with my guns yet. i am looking forward to my first skirmish, but as i also suffer from social anxiety i am nervous too as a general rule of thumb, how welcoming are others to newbies, i know you guys on the forum have been great, and have read many posts helping new players and answering silly questions. but face to face is different to sitting behind a keyboard. my first game will be more then likely at skirmish billericay or airsoft plantation, as i live near lakeside, essex. i am really sorry for such a rambling post, but i need to get out and shoot, and meet people as part of me helping myself to move forward thanks in advance for any comments
  9. as above mate dont waste your money on anything from a bbgun type shop. the black viper g36 is pretty crap. i was given one and its just about fit for the kids to plink in the garden with, i certainly wouldnt try skirmishing with it. i wouldnt even give you 20 quid for it....
  10. can confirm the blackviper mags dont fit any other G36's, my kids have a black viper and a umarex G36 and the mags dont fit, and they dont fit my mates JG either
  11. need to get to some games, the past year has been terrible for me work wise and healthwise
  12. got an 11 plate zafira elite diesel. plenty of room for my mutant kids and my bike fits in the back easily. nothing special but it does the job and isnt breaking the bank to run, unlike the discovery 2 we used to have
  13. i dont post often, more of a lurker but this c0ckwomble deserves to be banned, if it was a legitimate re enactor then fair enough, but to do this kind of crap for reactions sake is stupid. as said before there are enough glares at the sport looking for any reason to slate it without having to deal with idiots like this
  14. first off kudos to you guys for speaking openly about these things, its such a shame mental health treatment still has so far to go personally my parents split when i was 5, stepdad physically and emotionally abused me until i left home, and my mum just screwed about with my head too, experienced a lot of loss and violence when i was a teen, seen things a kid should never see and lost my grandparents while i was living with them, as a result i have been diagnosed with anxiety, ptsd and pdpd and currently in psychotherapy for 2 years its ok to say others have it worse, and it prbably is true but the problem with depression and the like, its all subjective to the person, i agree you need to speak to a counsellor and not someone you know, this will help a great deal, another idea is to write things down in a journal, or letter, if you dont want the risk of people reading them then rip the page up it helps to see things in black and white, and helps to process the feelings i really hope you can find some help amongst the advice here, and really hope you can find a counsellor to help you mate all the best
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