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  1. But what of my overpriced HK417 or 1911 Custom? 😂 Honestly I think I F'd myself spending that much on a RIF / Pistol,does not appear to be the market that there used to be or people too scared to make offers.
  2. IMF2000

    Another new bfg

    Been scoping out the ID version since it was re-announced. From my perspective, there have been regular photos of the ID unit and it should be out in a few weeks. Has anyone see the Alpha version, when is it coming out? The ID one looks to be coming out very soon. The alpha one looks to have jumped on the bandwagon but with no updates on the build, no disrespect to them.
  3. There is another factor to consider; On the face of it, importing from Japan etc may look considerably cheaper than buying from a UK Retailer at their set RRP. If you are able to get the retailer to knock 10% off, or throw in some items, if the order is reasonable enough, you may well be able to wipe out the 'saving' that importing direct seems to provide, add to that the benefit of local support and no issues with customs importing, it could be a deal maker. Always factor in the import duty/vat and charge that the courier levy, as well as the international postage from the seller. I'd be surprised if you can't make them cost out about the same in nearly every case when an AEG is purchased.
  4. Cerberus also have access to a woodland site called The Outpost which is just off the A1 near Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. I've not encountered any safety issues, quite the opposite really, very comprehensive safety brief each time, active marshals who are not playing in the game. Only seen one instance of cheating or cheat calling and the marshals dealt with it swiftly and professionally, the people in question did not appear to be site regulars. One area I agree with is the game rules could sometimes be clearer but that could be just me not listening properly. It is also a paintball site so quite a few bases, helicopter, bridges etc and no footpath through the site. Running water, power, toilets etc and the included food that they seem to be known for. I am not a member but have decided to join Cerberus as seem like a good bunch of lads and I felt well looked after. I have not attended The Works yet, not sure how long that site will be around as there is a planning application to convert it into an old folks home. It looks like they've had quite a few different sites over the years, as many will know, the urban sites tend to have a finite life span as the buildings eventually get re-purposed (I miss Clay Wheels Lane). They are running an overnight MilSim event in a few weeks time at The Outpost.
  5. I do not use a face mask and don't plan on doing. This is also unlikely to work in my case, I have been airsofting with glasses and over-glasses, with a massive air gap around both sets, they still fogged up due the sheer amount of sweat and heat. I am looking at frames with prescription polycarbonate lenses to which I will add anti fog spray. Should be the final solution.
  6. Hi, I am an airsofter and also wear glasses. I do not want to use contact lenses (have done in the past), I also do not want to use inserts into existing glasses. I do not (ideally) want to use googles. I do not want to wear goggles over my glasses. Has anyone come across a set of glasses, that take prescription lenses, and those lenses will also meet the required ballistic protection requirements, to play airsoft, and be available to purchase in the UK? For example, I have Oakley sun glasses with prescription Oakley lenses (but I do not believe these meet the ballistic protection standards.) Does anyone produce prescription toughened lenses to fit their frames in the UK? I understand (if available) that these will be costly compared to the alternatives.
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