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    src sr4 f
    full metal 1911 gbb
    usp tactical green gass
    ms firepower tri shotgun
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    black tacktical vest with shotgun scaberd ms firepower secondery primary sr4-f and 1911 colt gbb
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    Richmond North Yorkshire
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    Paintballing hunting ps4 and destiny what a beast of a game
  1. 10 4 that's kool ill let you know closer to the time when am going
  2. Just Ousden of Richmond NorthYorkshire wad actually looking at venturing to disforth airsoft field in January they have an in dark night time one there so if you have tac lights and lasers best place to use them lol
  3. Oh kool excellent I shall maybe give it a shot in the new year do apologise on the late reply was in car acident week so back so been bit bizzy with stuff but thank u
  4. Thanks falcon just wat I'm looking for but I'm also thinking about new years sales so I wonder if I hold of a couple of weeks.until I buy it ya never know might get a better bargain also means I'll have 100 or so extra to buy spear. mags
  5. Okay see I thought the umerex one was okay but will definitely look for other maker.see wanting it to last so ad rather pay the extra coin in order to get nicer machine if that makes sense.thanks for your help but which one is the better make thankyou
  6. Thanks for the tips guys going to keep my eyes open for one cheers
  7. wat would every ones else opinions be on the h.k ump. 45 with 400 round maget made by umerex
  8. That's the one lol good man thumbs up buddy
  9. Lol sitting duck can't be that bad mate I think I fell out a the tree be for I got pulled through the hedge bakward's . Lol
  10. Midlands as in Dutch if I'm not mistaken sorry buy I'm UK but northeast UK if in fact u are UK kool pm me.see if we can work something out
  11. Hey aron/monty I gotta say src sr4-f dragon are really nice for cqb. Got a nice nylon barrel and strong abs shell but all the internals.are fully mettle so at least you know insides are good to proforma with v2 gear box. And you can pick up the src for around £99 so it not badly priced either
  12. I bought myself a flip over target.Each time you hit it flips bk over designed for airrifle. Amazon marketplace has some for not bad price of
  13. Thanks again buddy appreciated sorry about the rant thumbs up.
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