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  1. Hi my brother in law gave me a TM MP5 that he traded for a Burberry coat in the early 90’s whilst he lived in Hong Kong. I’ve taken it to my local shop and they agree it’s a very early TM as there’s no Hop up on it. Do people buy/collect these guns? How much do they go for? PS. He told me to do as I wish with it so I’m not a rubbish brother in law
  2. I've never worn camo when I've played, always gone with Khaki SFU trousers and a black T-shirt/fleece. Now I'm looking at the polish woodland stuff and really liking the look of it
  3. Thanks guys, in your opinions would this spec handle a heavy BB; a guarder hop rubber, G&P M120 motor, madbull tight bore barrel and a m120 Spring (bought it modded, I've only had the spring changed)
  4. Hi I've just converted my VFC M27 into a DMR and was was wondering what's the best weight BB? It's pushing about 430fps. Also I need to zero in my sight. Can I do this with the 0.25's I already have or do I wait until I get the suggested weight BB's? Cheers
  5. In the safe zone at Dragons Lair, saw a kid load a grenade shell with BB's..... After he'd gassed it! He actually wondered why everyone was pissed when the thing went off! Luckily no serious eye injuries As for me, I once pegged a team mate in the back of his bare head, at close range, in full auto
  6. I haven't ordered but Umarex make sportline versions of 416's? Either way, seems really suspect.
  7. Hi guys, Has anyone used these guys? I'm curious as I've just seen and ad on gun star for an Umarex HK416 cqb for £99. Googled them and it appears they are legit and even have a shop. Went on their website, selected the 416 and proceeded to the checkout and still £99, in fact they state it includes a battery and charger! Can't be right can it?
  8. Luckily I have 8 G&G mids I can mod. Thanks guys
  9. Luckily I have 8 G&G mids I can mod. Thanks guys
  10. Hi guys, I know VFC guns are a bit picky/fussy with mags and after a lot of research, most of it conflicting, I'm after some real world advice. Thanks in advance Rich
  11. Cheers mate, this is my first gun that I've wanted to mod and wasn't sure how the stocks fitted.
  12. Hi guys, I've just bought the above gun and was wondering if I can change the stock? Would it need to be modified? Cheers
  13. Ok, that's sounds really good. Cheers
  14. Cheers. Didn't realise there were so many sites. Awa wouldn't be much of a slog for me. Is milsim more tactical than skirmishing? I also assume the load outs are more realistic?
  15. Thanks for the welcome. I'm based in seven kings, Ilford. You guys? I'm looking at dragons lair as my mine site but quit fancy the CQB site in Watford
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