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  1. Yeah I've heard some cool things and got invited so wanted to hear from some guys on here. I watched a bit on youtube and looks good!
  2. Hey everyone, There's is probably already a thread close to this and if so send me in the right direction lol.... Any-hooo it looks like I may be playing at Copehill down (brit-tac I think). Has anyone played here before or going this year? Cheers me beauties
  3. I gotta say that this happened to me sunday... it was my first day too and I absolutely loved it, went wadding through the river, got caked in mud, shot some people, but some, didn't want to play ball. Now not being funny but although I'm a noob at airsoft I can shoot, my gun was spot on with range and accuracy but some werent taking their hits and that did piss me off. Firstly whats the point in playing if you dont play properly plus you improve if you take the hit and learn from your mistake! Well same as you Kerby, I shot people on semi (no hit called) then let rip with full auto possibly the wrong thing do but what else?! It was a great day and made some friends (ahhhh). There's talk of 'The Mall' on the 20th and 'Copehill' so I'm looking forward to those! Got a nice pistolla kill too with my G26 (thanks monty for the sale on that lol ) Someone kindly lent me a camo shirt and hat, oh a mesh goggles as mine steamed up, but my vest was a god send ( ) so maybe look to get one of those or similar like n1ckh said. Anyway glad you enjoyed it... what was your primary?
  4. Have fun man! I got my first game tmrw too
  5. Wooo, my first game tmrw!!!! anyone with any tips or tricks let me know :)

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    2. team flex

      team flex

      yeah most people should do, its good fun as well

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      sprint to cover don't jog, watch n learn how the others do it, chat to them. Don't take it too seriously - call your hits but above all have fun even if you don't perform as good as you thought - I still suck tbh

    4. Chock


      Push up, press the enemy positions, in other words, go for it. If you get hit it ain't the end of the world. You wanna be in the fight and you don't win by sitting back.

  6. Wooo, my first game tmrw!!!! anyone with tips or tricks? :)

  7. Am I the only one to smash the screen on my phone?

  8. Smashed the screen on my Sony Z3 today - screen not working at all, aaagggghhhhhhhh!!!

  9. Cheers everyone for all your input. I'd say my mind is made up and I reckon I'll be getting myself a cm18 for Xmas
  10. Thanks any chance of a link as not sure what to look for? Cheers
  11. Hi guys, Just wanna say thanks to everyone with all the help I've received for various things so far.... I require more :-) So in terms of my first gun within my budget i'm down to 2 and could really do with some assistance. It's a toss up between the G&G Gr4 G26 and the G&G Cm18 Mod1. I think I prefer the Gr4 but it doesn't look like I can get many accessories where's as the cm18 has plenty of rails, is this the case, does it matter that much? Without it getting too confusing I'm open to suggestions of others?! Cheers.
  12. Nice some great info cheers! I'll have a measure up then search on the interweb unless someone around here has a dusty one kicking around. I thought there was a few bits missing hence all the pics.... as for servicing, originally it was a friends and it went around the village like a wh**e and I finally I ended up with it in the state its in so probably never lol Can you point me in the direction of parts for this please.
  13. Hey all, So I was hoping that some of you may be able to help me out and point me in the right direction.... I have an mp5 thats gotta be getting on to at least 15 years old now. It needs a battery and a foregrip but I cant remember what one?! Do you also know if its any good? Here are some pics... I also have a C02 Walther ppk that needs a safety switch if anyone knows where to get one (old too)? Thanks all in advance
  14. Try reposting on the gear wanted thread as well. sorry can't be much more help... Nice to see you've lost weight over the years is normally the other way round haha.
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