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  1. Not so much of a bargain, but evike have the Madbull 9.5" Daniel Defense MK18 rails back in stock if anyone is after them Works out at $167 shipped https://www.evike.com/products/37051/
  2. All my pistols bar the FNX are Tokyo Marui I have a TM PX4, the XDM and a 1911 MEU - they all perform brilliantly and the range and accuracy is superb. I have previously owned the Tactical Master and despite being one of their earlier pistols it was still a great sidearm I run them on 144a most of the time, but the do run fine on Abbey Predator Ultra gas which i use sometimes. I have used the SOCOM and its surprisingly good!
  3. Just to add to the above - when they added my brother in law they keyed in his surname wrong and his first order was rejected, so its easy done. Called into the shop and sorted it 5 mins
  4. Give the First and Only shop a call and ask them - Eddie will prob be the guy to speak to It can take a while, but they will be able to advise if there is a delay
  5. Well, you have a choice of Glasses, Goggles, or a full mask. It depends on what feels comfortable and what can accomodate the need for prescription lenses. I wear Revision Sawfly glasses, and you can buy an insert that can hold prescription lenses but obviously this will mean some expenses Most goggles you can prob fit over your glasses and they provide good protection but you may get fogging issues Full face masks is the other option. Have a good search on eye protection and if you need any help let us know . As for gloves - millions of options, many with padded or hard knuckles so you are good there.
  6. I use the Sawfly glasses, and after using all sorts of different eyepro, they are easily best i've used by far. The lenses are a doddle to change too. For CQB i wear a bump helmet with Balaclava, and i've never had them fog up on me
  7. Welcome! I play at the Mill and at Anzio Make sure you invest in good eye protection for a start, and gloves from the sounds of it Have fun at Anzio, its a great place but its big, you'll get a good workout!
  8. It was my wife’s birthday yesterday, I bought her TM HK416D. Also I am now dead.
  9. There's also pics of the Glock 19 GBB, and the new Black version of the HK416 Delta Custom
  10. Welcome from a fellow NW airsofter
  11. Thinking about building a MK18 using a TM recoil M4 - whats the best platform for the build? I was thinking M4 CQBR in DE, has the 10.3" barrel which should be spot on for the rail? The Madbull 9.5" DD rail is the rail of choice i'm led to believe, and there's another Nuprol rail that can be used but is only 9" - anyone seen that one? Any advice most welcome, I'm no expert on the Mk18
  12. Didn't a similar thing happen with the Alphatec HEX grenades? IIRC they were ok at first then the guy who made them split from the business and then orders got stuck in limbo
  13. I have too many hobbies, to the point where i seriously need to consider quitting some to make room It was before I became a Dad, but the man cave spare room is now my 3 years olds bedroom My other hobbies are Tamiya RC cars (mainly the classic 80's and early 90's one), retro gaming, Golf and tabltop gaming if get chance. I need a bigger house, thats what it is.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly, was just surprised to see it wasn't locked. Glad to see the discussion still going
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