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  1. I think this one is decent what are ur thoughts guys it's £120 or are u guys selling something
  2. Most of the ones on here are sold or really far away. Any of u guys selling anything
  3. By the way anyone of u guys selling any combat machines
  4. Team flex I live really close to jd air soft I've been there once it's pretty big and they do have a shooting range but they don't sell combat machine
  5. Falcon have u ever been to jd airsoft
  6. Thanks again guys for your advice. First I'll have a look in my local retailer. ( jd air soft) if they don't have the combat machine I'll buy it ofline
  7. If u buy something from this site do they post it or do u have to collect it. For two tone guns
  8. The combat machine looks good I'll probably get that only had £60 because I was getting gta on ps4 but I'll get that instead of the game
  9. All the guns are black I need two tones
  10. What do u mean here month do u sell 2nd hand bb guns
  11. Where would u buy a 2nd hand gun from plus don't have UKARA yet so need a two tone
  12. Two zero I'm new to air soft so don't have ukara and have budget of £60 any suggestions for gun
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