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  1. So something has gone terribly wrong with my deagle! There is a rubber piece that has come out of the front barrel at the back. Also the barrel will not stay in properly anymore. When i fire it will get to the 3rd or 4th shot and will not load the bb correctly the barrel will partly fall out the front of the gun and the rubber peice will either stick to the back firing mechanism or fall out when i open the slide again. I suspect a piece may be missing but i dont know, any ideas? Thanks
  2. hi there has anyone had any customs charges when buying from these guys. it kinda says on there website that they will send as gift. (although it is in ching-lish) do they send as gift? has anyone had customs charges? also if they do send it as a gift, do they put an invoice or anything like that in the package as if they do, send it as a gift and the customs open it and find it isnt a gift they WILL shaft u with a massive charge. if u have had customs charges, what where they? im not importing a RIF or anything that will make them suspicious and open it, just ordering gas mags for my KWA MP7A1 as they are crazy expensive in the uk. Many Thanks! - William
  3. i think this could be to do with the gas in the mag being too cold to lock the slide back. it happens me as well and i think that is why it is happening. try only putting a few bb's in the mag and firing one at a time untill the gun empties see if it locks the slide EVERY time. if it does then its probably that the mag is too cold to lock the slide back. hope this helps
  4. the co2 tends to fair better in the colder temperatures. however firing full auto will cause the mag to cool down quicker. i recommend firing in busts or semi auto. if your using green gas then i would try keeping the mags warm in your pocket. this way it will keep it closer to body temp which sould let it run fine. if your keeping them in pouches then i would use hand warmers in behind the mags if there is room in the pouch for them. but be aware after u use the mag once it will be cooler and not work at optimum levels. also if the mag is too cold then there will be an instant gas release on the mag as it is so cold there isnt enough pressure to close the valve again. gas mags can be expensive and only hold around 30 bbs so if your reusing mags every round you might want to think about how to warm them up again. normally i would use my kwa mp7 gbb for a round then quickly swich to one of my aegs for a while. then move back to the mp7 when the mags have heated back up in the car or something. saves money on a lot of mags, expecially as they are £51 each for mine! lol hope this helps
  5. HI there i have two G&G Xtreme 45 pistols that i recently bought 2nd hand. i got one mag with the guns and bought 2 new ones. i am putting in the co2 cartridge and tightening it in. i then put the mag into the gun and it simply releases all the gas in the cartridge. even if i take the mag out it continues to release the gas. i tried the other gun. same thing. i then tried the brand new mag and the same thing happened. it is not the cartridges as i have a dan wesson revolver and they work fine in it. some other info that may be helpful, - the gun will fire whenever the gas is hissing out - however it may only fire then i have to pull the hammer back to fire again - if i force the mag in quickly it emptys the gas at a huge rate what could be causing this as its two guns and 3 mags, could i be doing something wrong? thanks - William
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