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  1. Dont put a big lipo on it . 7.4 works gr8.t.
  2. Just send of to aps for replacememt mosfet get frount one as back very long . I have this gun it is so easy to fix yourself . One screw. To remove from gun.
  3. Go on aps web site order mosfet. Get tail not front .looks like u may have cooked trigger. Mosfet is very cheap. If you have opened gearbox get some locktite and put it onscrew that holds reset arm . Comes lose should fix it .
  4. Or you could be lazy and get a patch lead made gor your rif . Most are small tamya to male deans. Then you dont need to void any warrantie. How ever you spell it.
  5. Went to widnes model shop friday . Andy made me a patch lead price was a tenner but had to buy a box of female tamyia small . A 7.4 lipo. The lot for £25:48. Charged it up put it in & it is a beast. So just going to get two more lipos next payday . Going to swat sunday check fps make sure its got the right spring.
  6. Thanks that saves me striping it down . It is the new gearbox . Its a APS UAR AU.
  7. Ta APS SAY IT IS SAFE BUT EASY DOES IT I THINK . Get payed friday so off to the local rc shop.
  8. Just got my first rif needs a battery so thinking of 11.1 lipo . Any ideas fellas .
  9. Have a go at SWAT URBAN in liverpool its in the old imperial tobacco. Similar prices once you have three visits.
  10. p1878

    Gaming in 2015

    How much fun typeing in code back in the 80s games out off magazine somthing like atari gamer .
  11. p1878

    Gaming in 2015

    Old enough to have read The ABC Warriors when it first came out .
  12. p1878

    Gaming in 2015

    Any body remmber birds of pray on the atari 500+.
  13. p1878

    glock 18c

    Ok so why no co2 gbb and whats cracked p d about . If passes usa standards with there clame culture . What gives ?
  14. p1878

    glock 18c

    Tiger 3 have the new Aps glock clone co2 . Fiftyish quid plus pp.
  15. The only place ive been to so far is SWAT at liverpool Fortress . They made it very enjoyable safe respect ,marshals and fello players. Game types chaged each time i went . I would say book and see what you think .
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