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  1. I have used this company a few times for upgrade parts for my WE G18c and I found them very helpful. Could not get the barrel to fit my first ever upgrade part and he told me what to do and said if I had any problems just message me I will be using them for my gas upgrade parts and spares and any item I need that they have in stock. Quick delivery as well they would get 5 stars from me
  2. Had a problem last month with my trigger braking it was firing full auto on semi drove up there to drop it off I was surprised the next day parcel arrived with the gun fixed (it was within its warranty) but since they have fixed it the charging handle only goes back a inch and the flap does not open unless you pull it open so contacted them and they said bring it in and they will sort it. So traveled up to Landwarrior which I live in Sunderland which is between 2 and a half to 3 hours trip so up to a 6 hour round trip showed them the rifle only to be told there is nothing wrong with the rifle tried telling them there is all I was getting told is there tech has said there is nothing wrong. Also my friends and one of the sites I go to have said that is not right So speaking to Alan there at the moment who is dealing with it but have to send them a video but each time I am going up there it is costing me £40 in diesel. I know people will say just post it but not keen on posting RIF. At the moment people me disagree but I got better customer service from JBBG when I placed a order for a sniper rifle.
  3. borderdaz

    Patrol Base

    I have used them had no problems did use landwarrior but found there customer service rubbish so changed to patrol base and I am glad I did
  4. I am ordering from Patrol Base or Milspec solutions now have used Land warrior for the past year they are ok if you want to but something off them. But twice I have had a problem with my rifle and twice I have posted on here and this forum has sorted it before them. I sent a message last Monday asking about a problem. It is still under warranty no reply after a week. In the last year I have spent over £1000 with them and that business will be going to another dealer this year really friendly and helpful in store but as for emails messaging a brick wall. I bet if I was to send a message asking to buy £1000 sniper rifles I would get a reply straight away. Customer service 1 star out of 5
  5. 5,000 would last me about 3-4 days hahahaha I will try my G&P ones first if not I will try them king arms one thanks for the help
  6. I have had them a while I have some G&P metal mags will give them a try as well so all being well I am going back this Sunday will be trying them mags First I will try the mag it came with. Thanks to both of you for the reply and help What mags do you use
  7. thanks for that somebody at the site I was at was saying it could be a internal part or the hop unit. I will try my hi caps next time I go. I wish now I used my hi cap that day to see then if it was that. I used them about a month ago with no problems what mags do use now?
  8. I have a problem with my TR4-18 had it out yesterday and went to get it fps check before the game and it was 89fps only used the rif 2 times before this with no problems adjusted the hop a bit thinking that could be the problem because it seemed to work. But later on when I changed mags found the first 5 to 10 rounds in each mag the fps drops you can even see the difference when firing the bbs drop about 20-30ft away then fire spot on after that. I have emailed land warrior because purchased this rif last September so should still be under warranty. I am using 0.25 blaster bbs and G&G 120 mid caps any help would be great
  9. thanks for that might give them a try
  10. Need a bit of help I am needing some magazines for my Umarex G36c tried battleaxe they don't fit and asg fits but don't lock into place does anybody have one of these aeg and what mags do you use. I am after a high cap and some midcaps so need to know what makes fit. It is just the umarex mags are about £25.00 and this is the rif that my niece uses so don't want to brake the bank on mags.
  11. At first I was getting a reply in about 12 hours or sooner the last one was 24 hours which is good but it was when there was no reply or one took a week to reply. But I like the kit they sell and I am looking to spend another £200-£300 at the end of the month but I think any questions I will ask here first.
  12. Well I have had a reply and they have said the same thing as the people on this forum so am happy. Also they answered my email about my G36c so will still be using them for my next orders
  13. My first order with them it took over a week for my first rifle but thought give them another chance ordered some bits and pieces came the next day then a month later ordered my second rifle and collected it and found in store they where polite and helpful. But I ordered the wrong high cap mag and they said I can return it sent 3 more messages without a single reply. One of the messages is a problem with my new G&G T4-18 and found it was quicker to post the problem on this forum and got a answer quicker than Land warrior. If they don't answer the email by tonight they have lost a customer who has spent £600 in the past 2 months and was looking to spend a lot more.
  14. I am planning to get some lipo batterys and next time I go use full auto more :-)
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