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  1. What are the best and most fun targets for airsoft aeg guns? They need to be strong even if you shoot them from 5 meters.
  2. Can anyone recommend any good targets for AEGs? Maybe something that collapses when you shoot it and then you can reset it. Or something else, but fun? This is what i bought at the end. LCT G-03.Very nice and accurate, at least for now.
  3. Well i got it now. LCT G-03. Really solid gun, big pain to put the battery in and close the cover. Original LCT mag sits in ok, but there is some movement. I didn't fire it yet, i will probably try it today. It came with folded stock (it is Galil type one) and i just couldn't open it. So my wife comes along (she is not interested in airsoft or guns), grabs the gun, pushes the stock down and it opened with no problem. I think she is a secret russian Spec. Op. member
  4. Yeah, it was in another thread, not this one. I bought E&L 104 PMCa model. Got a lemon with bunch of problems. While trying to fix it, something else went wrong, so i sent it back and got a refund after a long time waiting. So now all i have is LCT 70 round mag and 2 point sling and in the process of buying new one.
  5. Ok, so couple more mags and maybe a cheap vest. I'll probably wait for my first fight or two and then know better what do i need.
  6. I'm not from UK, so i don't need UKARA number. The mask with googles can be separated, so i can only use multiwrap + googles.
  7. They are not yet avaliable at gunfire.pl and i'm just not very pro E&L anymore since my problems with AK 104 PMCA model. If i get a lemon in LCT too, i'll just...by Cyma finally.
  8. I'm buying myself a "starter" kit for airsoft. I'll use the gun at home, but i also want to try skirmishes with my local airsoft teams and then maybe join one. So what do i need so i can start skirmishes? What i'm considering right now: - clothes: nothing extra. Boots that i already have, dark hiking pants and jacket, - gun: LCT G-03 NV, - magazines: 1 x 70 round that i already have and one standard hicap, that comes with the gun. - 2 point sling for the gun, - face protection: i wear glasses and hate contact lenses. So this is what i'll buy probably (Sansei wide mesh, glasses should fit under it): - extra head protection: multiwrap + baseball cap or any other cap - gloves (Mechanix): Is there anything else that is a "must have" item for starters or is there anything on my list that is not necessary or could i get a better value? i can buy things from European shops (gunfire.pl, taiwangun.com, fire-support.co.uk,...).
  9. That is one fine answer. So basically it is a little Frankenstein (put together from different guns). Are airsoft magazines compatible between each other? This gun will take AK74 magazines without any problems? I already have 1 low cap 70rd steel LCT magazine at home and i'm looking to buy mid caps for this gun. I really like waffle design, but it's for AK74 and i can only find hicap plastic ones for now from European stores. Which manufacturer magazines will fit to LCT? I hear Cymas don't.
  10. Got it. This is Ak47 with Galil type stock and AK74 flash hider. Real rifle like that was also in use in real world. So AK47 magazines should fit.
  11. My mind is set for LCT G-03. I just need to wait for a good price (cough, cough). Problem is, i can't find anyone that knows if this is AK47 or AK74? It is an LCT hybrid with Galil stock and some shops are stating, that the reciever is AK47, other, that it is Ak74. It is important to me, because i want to buy more magazines and don't want to buy the wrong ones. Will Ak74 waffle magazine fit into Ak47? Probably not. mind is set for LCT G-03 NV:
  12. True, but as much as i understand Cyma 048 in not much worser externaly to Lct and is better internaly. For half the price. Hard to justify such a high price tag.
  13. Ok, gunfire.pl officialy decided that i will get a refund for faulty E&L gun. So, now is the time to pull the trigger for my new AK74 After all the talk we had here...I LOVE the look of LCT G-03 NV, so my hart says get this one. Brains say - you idiot, buy Cyma CM048. You people say?
  14. So if the magazine is replaced with the proper one it is pretty close to the real thing. I'm not sure about the wire stock, it looks different then on others AK74s.
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