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  1. Thanks for the replies, that's what I get for being inpatient and wanting to get a cheap AR, lesson learnt I think I will use it for a few games and then move up the ladder see about a G&G, I've managed to fashion something to keep it in place. Thanks guys
  2. Have a CYMA cm516 there's no long rail on the underside of the handguard Just a really small attachment just underneath the end of the handguard you can unscrew that and move it down, it wouldn't screw into the guard right enough and it's at the point now where the plastic hole has gotten too big so I can't screw it in to attach a foregrip, I did manage to fashion something but it didn't last long Just want to know if there's a way to fix and get around it or what alternative handguards can I get that will fit my rifle ? Thank you in advance
  3. Few things, Firstly The Stock which has two parallel slots for each battery to sit, but it rattles around and it's very annoying and it's putting me right off. Will it be 1. Safe to wrap more black tape around the battery to make it fit better, 2. Put something in there so it dosent rattle I.e maybe some polystyrene on the sides or something similar to pack the battery in ? Amid obvious hazards is there any reason I can't do this ? And is there any other options ? The Alternative is getting a different stock. Thank you !
  4. Well I was looking at about £100 I had one in the basket at patrol base but the missus wouldn't allow it so it's gonna have to be like £60-£65 now so it's looking like a saving up job for a decent new rifle !!!!
  5. Appreciate the comments guys, I'm gonna check the links you posted, what's the low down on ordering RIFs from outside the UK am I gonna get it or will it be seized ? Thanks people very helpful indeed !
  6. Hi thanks for commenting, I would very much like a G&G but my budget says otherwise at the minute. I wouldn't mind at all a second hand aeg as long as it functions fully cause you tend to get good deals like you say extra mags and what not so I'll have to keep my eye out ! Thanks
  7. Haven't been on here since last year so apologies if I enquired or posted something and didn't respond haven't been to a sight since last year, buying a house and all that blah blah. As I haven't done enough to get UKARA registered I'm looking at the CYMA Cm516 on patrol bases website with the two tone service. Does anyone know if this would stand up well at a woodland game !? I've been looking at a cheapish first rifle as all the games I've been to I've just hired and I want to start going regularly just wanted some opinions and advice as I still regard myself as a recruit at this, I have all my clothing,footwear,chest rig and the accessories just in need of a decent first rifle
  8. I agree with most of what has been said here but I thought it was rather funny the guys got a big pair to go round doing that.
  9. Excuse the typos my phone dosent seem to comprehend well the letters I type im sure you can hopefully piece what im trying to say together !
  10. I'd agree not a US Army vest, well not anything they wear these days, I'd say its mthatsitsly if not all about plate carriers and those sort of chest rigs. That definitley looks like shady DPM of the british ex issue kind anyway, As CKinnerley said get on ebay or find your nearest surplus shop there more than likely to stock a generous amount of cs95 dpm as its now for the use of deployment and anything for the british obseletebritishearing certain things like cadets or maybe training excersises.MTP is the way forward in my opinion and its much better made the pockets are a lot better and the whole design.Ubacs are a good shout though or a good tactical hoodie for its cold at the minute. As anything it's personal preference and if your happy with your gear then good for you dude ! Its nice to have advice of the guys on here.
  11. Liking this one ! Thanks a lot mack Definitely will be ordering something when got some funds in the bank !
  12. Anyone got any US digi cam loadouts, really wana go for the desert dogi camo loadout and any ideas any good webbing or plate carriers to go with ?
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