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  1. Cuban-Trog

    Noob in Essex

    Welcome to the forums I'm based in Loughton, we play at Skirmish Billericay and Dragons Lair both awesome sites.
  2. Cuban-Trog

    Children and airsoft??

    Thanks for all the responses, obviously I'm not entirely stupid, although the RIFs are within grasp they are away. My mags, batteries and mags are well away and can't be accessed. Nerf it is!!
  3. Cuban-Trog

    Children and airsoft??

    So what's the right age to start talking to your kids about RIFs?? I'm a father of two and my airsoft stuff is all over the place.. Obviously void of mags and ammo.. Now my four year old is so interested.. I don't know weather to go into detail with him so he respects it or keep saying don't touch that and he goes ahead and does without me knowing.. What are your views??
  4. Cuban-Trog

    UKARA/VCRA question

  5. Cuban-Trog

    PAW Airsoft YouTube

    Hi guys, I'm new to this sport and so is my team.. We set up a YouTube channel so people could follow our journey from Noob to whatever we end up as.. Hoping to push vids out at a minimum of one a week although real life work commitments and outdated laptop sometimes put a block to this!! Check out our channel at.. http://m.youtube.com/user/pawairsoftteam Hope the link works. Please comment like and subscribe if you like what you see or if you have some constructive critiques. Thanks
  6. Cuban-Trog

    CM16 raider front sight

    I have got a two toned CM16 Raider which has a fixed and non removable front sight post. Does anybody know if you can get away with cutting these off to replace with a flip up or just altogether remove it for a red dot type. Thanks in advance.
  7. Cuban-Trog

    hi from watford

    Try www.airsoftzone.co.uk it's were I got mine and they do great starter sets.
  8. Cuban-Trog

    Painting Airsoft Guns

    I thought so.. Obviously can't type well!! Thanks for clearing it up.
  9. Cuban-Trog

    Painting Airsoft Guns

    As far as I can see the painting of a two tone gun is fine as long as you are not the retailer.. I may be completely wrong but the fact that you are only taking the RIF to and from a airsoft site or shop is your defence? I would like to know from other people if I have this completely wrong!!
  10. Cuban-Trog


    That is the package I bought.
  11. Cuban-Trog


    I used AZ when I bought my gun this week, I found that they were really helpful providing practical advise about guns and their use, I bought a G&G CM16 Raider and they couldn't have been more helpful, they showed me how it all worked and then explained the UKARA process which obviously is useful info for a noob!! I will go there for all of my need from now on.
  12. Cuban-Trog

    Newbie from London

    Thanks cheeky Vimto, makes no odds to me as the gun will be sprayed and I will go them then. Can't wait.
  13. Cuban-Trog

    Newbie from London

    Hi jay, yeah I am near the sandpit but it says no two tone guns so I will need to get on the UKARA list before I go.
  14. Cuban-Trog

    Newbie from London

    Hi all, Just signed up so thought I would say hi!! Bought a gun already - jumped in First skirmish on 20th at Billericay!! That's all for now.